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First Days of School - 2018

School has started once again. Joash began yesterday in Grade 3.  Mataya started Kindergarten today. She was VERY excited. She was all ready to go to school by 7:15 am this morning. Those last 45 minutes before we had to leave for school were a very long time to wait.
 And Gideon wanted his picture taken with a backpack on as well. He get to have all the attention to himself now while brother and sister are at school.

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A Visit from Grandpa and Grandma

My parents came for a week long visit and we had a wonderful time with them. 
We spent a morning at That Fun Place.  We also went mini-golfing one morning, but we forgot to take pictures.

Another day we went the Greenwich Beach, which has very interesting interpretive center, trails to walk and lovely, quiet beach.

Exploring the map of eastern PEI a the interpretive center

 Walking the trails at Greenwich Beach

 They have nice lookout tower at the beach.
 Playing on the beach with Grandpa and Grandma.
 We also spent sometime downtown Charlottetown. We stopped a the library, had Cows Ice Cream and did the Fox Story Walk together. It was a fun day.
We are so happy that Grandpa and Grandma could come to visit and we look forward to the next time we see them.

Rise of the Mystics by Ted Dekker

Some say the great mystery of how one can live in two worlds at once died with Thomas Hunter many years ago. Still others that the gateway to that greater reality was and is only the stuff of dreams. They are all wrong. 
Rachelle Matthews, who grew up in the small town of Eden, Utah, discovered just how wrong when she dreamed and awoke in another world. There she learned that she is the 49th Mystic, the prophesied one, tasked with finding five ancient seals before powerful enemies destroy her. If Rachelle succeeds in her quest, peace will reign. If she fails, the world will forever be locked in darkness.As Rachelle sits deep in a dungeon, Vlad Smith is just getting started. Thomas Hunter's world is about to be turned inside out.
So begins the final volume of high stakes in one girl's quest to find an ancient path that will save humanity. The clock is ticking; the end rushes forward. 

Well, Ted Dekker does it again. I will admit that I was little confused at the beginning of this …

Old Home Week

We decided to head to Old Home Week again this year. On the dairy show day, because if we go, that is the day we go.

We had fun with these animals!
 Gideon went on his first amusement park rides and he liked them quite a bit.

 And of course the large tractor. Everyone is a fan of this one!

Being a Tourist on the Island

There is still so much of the Island and so many things to do that we have yet to explore. Last week, we did two days trips to different destinations on the Island. We used the Heritage Pass that is available for check out from the Public Library. This pass is good for one free family admission to seven different sites on PEI. 
One day we visited Orwell Corner Historical Village. This was a great hidden gem of a place! The main agricultral museum is air conditioned, which we really enjoyed since we visited on a very warm day. We had our picnic lunch by the school house, watched a working black smith, took a wagon ride around the site and saw some neat farm animals. The kids all really enjoyed this site and would like to go back again!
 Another day we headed further east and visited the Elmira Railway Museum. This was a small museum, but very nicely done. They have a great model train display. There are also two different train rides you can ride on while there.

 And since Elmira is s…

Beach Days

It has been quite hot for PEI, so we have been enjoying sometime at the beach.

 When you are at the beach, you can usually find Joash in a hole that he is digging.
 The kids love it when Wilbert can come too. He builds the best things out of sand.


It was my 36th birthday last week, and it was a great one. 
My husband and kids got me these lovely flower, a planner for 2019 and some magnetic book marks. So great!  And Wilbert and I went out for lunch and then saw the matinee of Anne and Gilbert downtown. It was a fantastic show!
It was a great way to celebrate a great day!