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Chasing Hope by Kathryn Cushman

Sabrina thought she had her life all figured out. She thought she knew what God had called her to do. But a devastating diagnosis changed all of that. So now she is working hard at what feels like plan B to her.  Can she ever find the same hope she had in her first plan for her life?
Brandy is a girl in trouble. Misunderstood. Making poor choices. But a second chance given by a judge to prevent her from ending up in jail could prove to be the chance of a life time. Sabrina comes into Brandy’s life to coach her running. While the two could hardly be more different a common ground is found in their love for running. Will this bond be enough to save both of their lives from spinning out of control?
Chasing Hope was an interesting read. A good story with rather interesting characters. While some of the character development and plot line was rather predictable and left a bit to be desired, the novel was an overall engaging read.
I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in…

Unspoken by Dee Henderson

Sometimes a person’s past has more of impact on themselves than even they realizes. Charlotte Graham is such a person. Being the center of a famous kidnapping case when she was only sixteen left her a changed person. But, now that her past is catching up with her, will she be able to face it and move on to finally live completely in freedom?
Bryce Bishop meets Charlotte Graham when she comes to him with a huge number of coins to sell. As he slowly learns about her past, Bryce doesn't know what to make of this woman. When she shares that she is the heir to a vast fortune and wants his help to give most of it away, Bryce is faced with a choice. Can he help Charlotte Graham give away her vast fortune and help her heart to heal at the same time?
Unspoken by Dee Henderson was a very intriguing book. It took a little bit to get into it, but once I was hooked, I could not put it down. It is a well crafted story where all of the little pieces fit so nicely together by the end. And it really…

Happy Birthday, Joash!

Well, we had a lot of fun celebrating Joash's birthday! It was so fun this year because he really got the idea of a birthday. This was his special day, his time to shine. The day started out with Joash waking up (early, of course) to find the kitchen all decorated and a balloon on his chair. We looked at the e-card sent from Iowa and opened a card from California. Oma and Opa came over for coffee and cake and of course there were presents. During coffee time there were phone calls from Joash from California and Uganda. And in the mail there was a card from Halifax and Michigan

After lunch, the family headed to the pool for an afternoon swim, which was lots of fun. Joash is getting more independent in the pool and even went down the water slide with Wilbert. Mataya enjoyed hanging out in the toddler pool, which is nice warm. Then we came home and gave Joash the presents from us.   Then we had a supper of pancakes, bacon and eggs, one of Joash's favourite meals. After supper th…

3 Year Interview

This cute guy is three! And the fun thing about this is that he will actually answer my interview questions now. So, here is an interview with a three year old.

What is your favorite color? OrangeWhat is your favorite toy? TractorsWhat is your favorite food? SnacksWhat is your favorite tv show? Curious GeorgeWhat is your favorite outfit? "Staticy" pants (sweat pants) and excavator shirtWhat is your favorite game? Hide and SeekWhat is your favorite animal? HorsesWhat is your favorite song? The Tractor Song (from Kindermusik)What is your favorite book? Any tractor book (do you sense a theme here?)Who is your best friend? Mommy :)What is your favorite thing to do outside? Rake leaves and jump in them and roll in them What is your favorite drink?Apple juice and chocolate milk (not mixed together, though)What do you like to take to bed with you at night? 3 point hitch tractor and tag blanketWhat do you want for dinn…

Fall on the Island

This fall has been just wonderful. Warmish weather. Nice sunny days. We have certainly been enjoying this season. And how can you not enjoy it when this is the view from your window?

5 Months

Mom: Mataya, you are 5 months old today!

M(ataya): I know, Mom. It is great isn't it?

Mom: I certainly think so. What is new in your world?

M: I love being around people. I also really like music. Some of the things we do at Kindermusik make me laugh. I also like to roll around and
 have started chewing on my toys.

Mom: Do you have any favorite toys?

M: I really like soft toys, especially my lamb and the cow with a squeaker inside. And there are lots of cool toys on my exersaucer that I like to explore.

Mom: How are sleeping and eating going?
 M: I like to eat and I am really hungry these days. Do you think I could try some of that big people food that you and Dad eat? I have been watching you really closely when you eat and I think I could do it.

Mom: Soon Mataya, soon. And what about sleep?

M: I like to sleep at night, but I am not so sure about naps, especially in the
morning. But when I do nap, I like to take a nice long one.

Mom: I know. We will keep working on naps. And fi…

A Big Stack of Leaves

We are certainly enjoying the change of seasons here. The weather has been just lovely as of late and still warm enough to go outside without a sweater. 
And Joash has been having fun playing with the leaves that are starting to drop off of the trees in our yard. He likes to make a "big stack of leaves" and then jump in them. I do a bit of raking for him, but he prefers to use his hands to pick up the leaves and make his "stack" just so before taking a big jump.

So fun!

The Potato Harvest

For those of you who may not know, PEI's biggest agricultural crop is potatoes. PEI is known as the Idaho of Canada. And have been enjoying watching the potato harvest from our window this year. Here is a quick crash course in potato harvesting.
Potatoes are planted and then hilled  in the rows to try and prevent the potatoes from being exposed to the sun, which causes them to turn green.
As you can see, the hills are pretty tall. Once the potatoes are ready for harvest, the plants are usually sprayed to "top kill" the plant that is above the ground. Then the first piece of equipment to come to the field is the windrower.

The windrower is the implement that actually "digs" the potatoes. It digs up several rows from the ground, send the majority of the plant part straight out the back while putting all of the potatoes in a nice windrow off to the side.
Then the potato digger comes and picks up the windrow. It does a bit more separating of plant parts from pot…

You Know it is Fall When...

the mice start to move in.

Yesterday morning, I was awakened by the sound of my almost three-year-old crying at the top of his lungs. I knew that Wilbert was, getting ready to head out to the barn, so I thought I would let him take care of it. Then I thought I heard Joash say he had an accident in bed, so I figured I better get up and give Wilbert a hand.

But, no, that wasn't the problem. Joash said he heard a "tweet" in his room when he was trying to fall back asleep. Then Wilbert said he thought he had heard a mouse while he was eating breakfast. So, I took Joash up stairs with me to bed and let Wilbert set some mouse traps.

Now we rarely have kids sleep in the bed with us. I was hoping that since it was still pretty dark outside, Joash might fall back asleep and I would be able to get at least another half hour of sleep myself. But, I decided we were finished sleeping when a little almost three-year-old nose touched mine and I was asked by a very serious almost three …

A Quick Mataya Update

So we visited our family doctor on Monday and Mataya has fallen off her growth curve for weight. My doctor wasn't too terribly concerned at this point. He said that she looks like she is healthy and thriving and if she is sleeping that well she must be feeling satisfied. He did want us to come back in month to have her weighed again, but he didn't recommend any changes in the mean time. 
So we will carry on and I am really not too worried either. She will be starting solids soon enough and if she is anything like her brother, she will really fill out then. In Canada, the recommend waiting with solids until 6 months, but in the States they say you can start as early as 4 months. I started Joash at around 5 1/2 months, so we will see how long I wait with her.

Thoughts on a Rainy Day

Little boy plays in the rain. Catches water from the down spout in a bucket. Pours water from one bucket to another.
Joy in the rain.  Little boy looks at little sisters animal blanket. "God made that, and that, and that." Looks at mama and states, "God made me because he loves me."

Mama fights back tears of joy and talks about how God made and loves every person in the world.
 His little bucket of a mind is filling up with things of God.

This mama is so thankful for that. For a  family, a church and a community that also want to fill his bucket with things of God.
Because the biggest prayer in this mama's heart is that her little boy will grow up to be a great big man who knows and loves his Creator. And that he pours the love in his bucket into others' buckets.