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Beach Time!

This has got to be just about one of the best times of the summer - beach time! While we have some long and crazy winters, these are the days that totally make it worth it. Today was our second visit to the beach. The kids love it. Joash cried when it was time to leave after our first visit. Today went much better because now he knows we will come back. Today was a bit cooler, but not cold by any means. You just didn't want to venture very far into the water. 
We live about 15 minutes from the nearest beach. It is a part of the PEI National Park, so we buy our early bird beach pass and go as often as we like. So far, we have gone after the kids afternoon naps. So we are able to stay for about two hours, which seems just about right.
Joash likes to dig holes:  Mataya has been testing out the sand in many different ways, including eating it.
 And the best part is that there is usually at least one other person who also wants to go to the beach. We love having all of these aunt and …

13 Months

Mom: Mataya, can you sit still for a minute so I can ask you a few questions?

M(ataya): I don't know, Mom. There is so much to see and  do.

Mom: Well, you certainly have learned many new things this month. What are some of those new things that you can do?
M: Well, I love to crawl all over. I can go up and down stairs. I like to stand by things and I can cruise around the furniture a bit. I love to move and get into things.

Mom: I know! I have to keep a good eye on you. What things do you like a play with?

M: My brother's tractors are so much fun, but he gets mad at me when I play with them. I also like to look at
books and play with books and toys that make noise.

Mom: What about eating? What things do you like to eat?

M: Food is really good, Mom. I am not so sure about my veggies, but I like them with applesauce. My latest word is "banana" because that is a food I really enjoy.

Mom: Okay, I won't keep you any longer. Thanks for letting me know what is going on…


I am trying really hard to remember to take more pictures, but when have been enjoying all of the lovely weather outside and I just keep forgetting. But here are two for you.
Joash drew this picture. It is a clothesline with clothes on it. The round thing in the middle is the pulley and the blob in the lower right hand corner is the clothes pin bag. Can you tell how most of the laundry has been getting done around here lately?
Unfortunatly, the bugs also like the nice weather and they really like Mataya. Still all smiles even with a black fly bite on her eyelid. The swelling has gone down a lot since this picture. We have a new bug spray to try out now, so hopefully it works a bit better.

And Then There was Summer

We seemed to have skipped right over spring and come to summer full on. And we love it! The next few days are supposed to be a bit more "spring-like," but we have been outside as much as we can enjoying these summer like days.
The kids have even tried out the pool that Mataya got for her birthday. Overall, it was a winner.

And the garden is starting to come up so that is really fun. Everything is making an appearance and I am really looking forward to harvest time! I haven't put my tomato plants in the ground yet, but they are growing nicely in their pots.

In other news, we were at a park yesterday and Joash went down the slides all by himself! Big step for my cautious little boy. And I think he might have pretty much given up on the whole nap thing. He is down in his room now for some quite time so we will see if a nap takes place. But, since the silage season will be upon us soon, I know that he will be thrilled to spend the afternoons in the tractor.