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It's Been a While

So, yeah, it has been a while since I have posted anything. I can make all sorts of excuses, but really I have just been lazy and haven't had anything that I felt really needed to be posted. With all of the excitement of selling the house, thinking about our trip to Michigan coming up, getting ready for the holidays and my sister having her baby, well, there went the month.
But the kids are great
Oh, and I should mention that we are also excited that we are expecting baby #3! This little one will arrive, Lord willing, late April or early May 2016. I have yet to take a picture of me this pregancy. I guess I should do that soon...

The Shock of Night by Patrick W. Carr

What if you had the ability to read another persons mind when you touched them? Would that be a gift or a curse? Would you be able to harness it and use it for good, or would it take over and become evil? That is part of the dilemma that is faced by Willet Dura in The Shock of Night by Patrick W. Carr.
Willet Dura is the head reeve of the king and has been called upon to investigate the attack of a priest. As he begins to question the dying man, the priest pulls Willet close and screams something Willet doesn't understand. And after that everything changes. He sees into the mind of any person he touches. Willet soon learns he has been passed the rarest gift of all. Now he not only needs to track down a murder but he also has to come to grips with the reality of his new life as a gifted person.
Having read and enjoyed Patrick W. Carr's The Sword and the Staff trilogy, I was excited to see what he had in store for us next. I began to read this book and while I liked it, I kept fe…

It is Fall Again

We had a few really nice fall days last week which meant we could finally go out and play in the leaves. Joash liked to dump them on his sister's head.  And they both liked to jump and then sit in the big pile we made.  Where is Joash?  Mataya loved to throw leaves. She actually really likes to throw a lot of things, so I think she was enjoying not being told, "No" for once.

Telling the Story

Sometime I find is hard to know what to share about my life and what God is doing in it. I feel I have a wonderful, but rather average life. I am a dairy farmer's wife and mom. My days consist of driving to places for my kids or husband, housework, cooking and laundry. I like to read, do puzzles and make cards in my spare time. I am involved in a few different things at my church. We are all healthy and we are not in great need of anything.

So sometimes I think that what I see God doing in my life isn't really worth telling other people about. There is little drama or excitement. But for the past two years I have been a part of a group in our church whose main objective is help us do just that - tell our story. And to tell it to help disciple others in their walk with God as well.

And something big in our lives happened this week that God has been prodding me to tell. So, here I go. That big thing is...

we sold a house.

Now this may not seem like a big thing in the grade schem…