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Good Boy

There are sometimes when and I stop and think about what I am saying to Joash and realize that I could be saying the same things to a dog.

"Roll over, Joash."

"Go get it."

"You are sitting so well."

"Good boy, Joash. Good boy."

It is interesting to notice, but I know it will quickly be changing. I now talk about having more food, opening wide, and trying to wave and do other hand motions. I will take my little boy over a dog any day.

7 Months

M(om): Hey Joash! Can you believe you are 7 months old already?

J(oash): It does seem like time goes fast. It feels like you were just interviewing me yesterday.

M: Well, how is life at 7 months?

J: It is pretty good. I like seeing everything there is around me, especially people. I don't really like to be all alone any more.
M: What things do you like to do?

J: I like having a bath, especially hearing the sounds water makes as it coming out of the tap or being poured on me. I also like playing with my toys. I like variety, so I like to change it up between the ExcerSaucer, Gym, rolling around on the floor and sitting up with my toys around me.

M: Anything else?
 J: I am starting to get his game of peek-a-boo. I think it is pretty fun when you lay a blanket on my face and then I pull it off and see you again.

M: It is pretty fun. I like seeing you peek out from the top of blanket and break out into a smile. What about eating?

J: I love to eat, Mom. You know that. I like  all the new…

Taking a Walk

Now that the weather is finally getting a little more summer like, Joash and I have been taking a walk after has afternoon nap any day we can. So, I thought you might like to go for a walk with us.  Joash is strapped in and ready to go. He is really fascinated with any belts or straps that are put around him. His car seat, his high chair, anything. He loves to play with the straps, so it makes strapping him in pretty easy.
 This is the road we typically walk on. It is just a little walk down the road we live on. It is nice because it is paved and not very busy. We rarely meet any traffic on this road. Our goal...the top of the hill.

 "Look at the nice view, Mom."  Can you see the water? I love this view, but the picture probably doesn't do it justice. We are overlooking the Covehead Bay and the community of Stanhope, along with some lovely potato fields.
That is the ocean way out there. At the top of the hill there is this small cemetery. This is usually where we turn around a…

Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun

Well, after what has seemed like the wettest April and May ever, the sun in finally out and it feels like summer is here. In fact, I might even put shorts on later today, which will surprise my family, since I said I would never wear shorts again after moving here. But, it does get warm once in a blue moon, so we need to take full advantage of it.
Joash and I sat outside for a while before his nap. He isn't sure what to do when the sun is in his eyes, but he likes seeing and hearing everything around him. We will be going for a walk after his nap. Hurray for the sunshine!

What's In a Name

When we picked Joash's name, we thought we had picked a great name. It was different, didn't remind us of any former students and the way it was spelled is the way that you say it. Alas, this has proven to be untrue.

At the doctor and public health office, he is almost always called "Josh." So, I am constantly correcting, "It is Joash. Two words. Jo-Ash." We have had a few interesting variations too, which I am not even sure how to put into writing.

Yesterday I was at the bank and while we were waiting for the computer to finish up my transaction, the teller was talking to Joash. She asked what his name was, so I told her.

"That is different," she replied. This is pretty typical response, so I smiled and gave my usual explanation that it is from The Bible.

"Oh," she said, "Do you call him Jo? or Ash?"

"No," I said, "Just Joash."

Sheesh. Joash is his name and Joash is what we call him.

A Little Trick

"Hey Mom!"
"Yes, Joash?"
"Can I show everyone my new trick?"
"Sure. Let me get into a better spot to take the picture." Mom moves a different angle. "Okay, I am ready."
"Here I go!"
Muffled voice of Joash, "Can you see it, Mom? Can you see that I am up on my elbows and my toes with my bum in the air? Sort of like a little triangle or mountain?"
"I can see it Joash. You are a pretty strong boy."
"Thanks, Mom."

Too Small

Joash's uncles who attend Dordt got him this shirt for Christmas. It is size 6 months and since Joash is 6 months and the weather is trying really hard to turn warm, I thought it was a good day for him to wear it. But, alas, it was a small 6 months size, so he looked a little like a sausage around the tummy and arms. So, we took a picture to remember and once it washed, it will go in the box of clothes that Joash as grown out of.

Craving Grace by Lisa Velthouse

The basis of faith is grace, the greatest gift we have ever been given. Yet grace is something that is hard to understand and even harder to accept. In Craving Grace, Lisa Velthouse shares what she has learned about grace.
Craving Grace covers two time periods in Velthouse’s life. The first is a time when she went on a six month fast from sweets to try and understand how God is sweet. During this fast, Velthouse feels like she is failing in so many ways, and in one instance she shocks herself with how far she has fallen. The second is a time that is more in the present when Velthouse is working on this book and sorting through what she has come to know about grace. She becomes part of small group at her church that takes a challenge to learn what it really means to live in community.
As soon as I finished reading Craving Grace, I told my husband that this wasbook that I felt I needed to read again to fully grasp everything Velthouse is saying about God and grace. This is not a bad thing…

My First Mother's Day

Being a mother has given me a new appreciation for what mother do. I never knew everything that being a mom meant. I didn't know all of the worries and fears that come with it. And I certainly didn't know all of the joys and wonderful things that are the best part of being a mother. I am still surprised at how just his little smile can totally make my day. And that makes Mother's Day all the more special. I  am still learning what it means to be a mother, but thanks, Mom, for all that you did and still do. You are the best.

My first Mother's day was very nice. Joash woke up at 1 in the morning because he couldn't wait any longer to tell me "Happy Mother's Day!" But then he slept right through until 8. We went to church and then to Wilbert's parents house where the non-mother's made and served the food. Joash didn't want to miss any of the action, so he refused to take his usual nap at Oma and Opa's. But, he fell asleep on the way home,…

Heart of Ice by Lis Wiehl

A criminal is on the loose, one who is very good at making sure no one knows she is behind everything.She will let nothing stand in her way, even people who consider her their friend.
Heart of Ice by Lis Wiehl is a fast paced crime novel and part of the Triple Threat series. Allison, Nicole and Cassidy are best friends who all have high profile jobs. Cassidy starts to take a Bootcamp fitness class and is befriended by the instructor, Elizabeth Avery. Little does she know Elizabeth is a criminal and a master at getting what she wants. With the help of her friends, Cassidy learns that she and her friends could be the next victims on Elizabeth’s hit list.
This is an enthralling read. This fast paced action and multiple points of view the reader has make this a tough book to put down. It was gripping story and any possible offensive content was handled with care making it not offensive at all. I can see how some people would really get into this series and want to know all they can about th…

The Sixth Month Check-ups

Well, Joash had his 6 months check up and he is doing great. He weighs 17 lbs and is 26 1/2 inches long. He has great hearing and vision and is right on track with his milestones.  He also got his 6 month immunizations today. Notice I said immunization. Not "needles" which is what they call them here. I find that really weird because we never called them that in the States. We went to get our "shots." When I was talking about this with Wilbert, he said that sounded much more violent than needle, which is true, I guess. So, I have decided to call them immunizations and just avoid the whole issue altogether.
Joash is also trying new foods. In Canada, they recommend that you start with meat, because they want the child to get as much iron as possible. Here is Joash's first taste of chicken. He was not a fan. He gagged pretty bad on his first bite. But, he will eat it when mixed with his cereal. When he got his immunizations, they said to try and mix the meat with so…

The Girls Take Over

Well, I had a great week with my mom and sisters this past week. It is hard to believe that our time together has already come and gone. They all loved getting to see Joash and all that he does. They were also a great help to me giving me a much need break by cooking and taking care of Joash. Wilbert and I even got a date night out of the deal. How wonderful to spend time with family.

It is nice to know that we will get so see some of this family in July and everyone in December again. Good-byes are so much easier when you know when you will say "Hello" again.