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We'll Be Home for Christmas

We hope. This weather is not looking too great right now. Our prayer is that it will decided to stay north, or go way south. That way at least one of the possible highways we could take home will be okay to take. We will see what happens.

Oh and just so you "excited mark" means an exclamation point to a first grader.

The First Snow Day of the Year

It is wonderful, simply wonderful to get a phone call before you are even out of bed telling you that you really don't need to get out of bed.

And it is even more nice when there really is nothing that you should be doing that is school related since you are quite caught up on school work.

Today is going to be a day full of reading and relaxing inside my warm house.

Merry Christmas to Us

Last night after school we decided to make a quick dash to Sioux Falls before the snow came to finish our Christmas shopping, which included some nice Christmas gifts for ourselves.

We now have a fantastic multiple function printer that is really speedy and some new blinds for our bedroom

We also can say that we love the customer service at Lowes, while Best Buys stink.

Brother Time

Since Wilbert's brothers go to college so close to us, we sometimes are a home away from home for them. The past two weekends, at least one of the brothers has come up. It is always makes for a fun time with the brothers around. This time we went bowling. I would just like to take this opportunity to say that bowling is the only sport I have ever beaten any boys in. I scored 142, 115 and 152. Not quite high enough to say I am really good at it, but good enough to beat the boys.
There was also lots of wrestling - at least between the boys. Wilbert really gets picked on by his two "little" brothers.
We also did a puzzle once as well. That was quite fun and relaxing.
Hurray for family!

Wilbert's Most Successful Hunting Trip All Week

"Denise, I am going to tell you something and you might not like," says my husband to me while I was getting ready this morning.

"Okay," I replied with a great amount of hesitation.

"You might want to stay in the bathroom a while. There is a mouse in our kitchen."

And that is how our morning began. Wilbert tried for a while to get the mouse, but to no avail. It eventually ran into a cupboard that pretty much stands by itself, so Wilbert did his best to seal it off. We had no mouse traps in our house, since this is the first mouse we have ever had in the four years we have lived here. We had to go to school, so we would buy some mouse traps on our way home again.

Wilbert got home first since I had to get groceries. By the time I returned, the traps were set, but no mouse had been caught. So, we started to put groceries away and clean up the mouse poop and stuff. Wilbert moved our wheat flour canister and there he was!

After some chasing and almost sucking the m…