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The Life I Have

I always vowed I would never apologizes on my blog for how long it has been between posts. But, I fell really, really guilty. I always know that my life basically goes into survival mode during play season, and of course blogging in one of the first things to go. Along with baking, reading, having people over, cleaning, my desire to cook, grading and basically everything other then sleeping, working on stuff for the play, teaching and keeping myself basically hygienic.

So that is just one more reason why Easter is so wonderful. Not only does it mean the salvation of my soul, but it also means mandatory days off of play practice and school. Though our long weekend did get eaten up by a little senior class trip to Chicago, but that is why there is Easter Monday! So, now that I have my home in a little bit of order again, I decided to post, only to realize that I have nothing to post. Really, I have no life right now.

The last week, I was at school really late, spent over 20 hours on a bus…