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Our Big Girl

Someone is very excited to be sleeping in her big girl bed in her new room!

I decided that it would be less work to move Mataya to a new room and put the baby in her old room. Doing this meant I only had to paint one room and the crib could just stay where it was.

Mataya was very excited about all of this. She had a nap in her new bed this afternoon and eagerly went to bed this evening. We will see how the night goes.

Playing, Drawing and Awakening

We are getting back to the normal things around here after the holidays. While there is not too much snow on the ground right now (though more is coming tomorrow), the kids have been enjoying playing in the snow.  Joash was very eager to get back to school after having been away from school for a few weeks. Here is a picture of a cow he drew on his first day back.
 His teachers also asked him to draw a pictures of something God will help him do this year. Here is what he drew and what he tried to write was "me reading," meaning God will help him to learn how to read.
And Mataya has had a few interesting morning awakenings lately. This morning when I got her up, I realized she had a bloody nose during the night. That is a scary thing to see, but thankfully it must have just happened, so it was well contained to one area and washed out of her sheets very easily.

Another morning a few weeks back, I thought the same thing had happened when I got Mataya up in the morning. But up…

Talen Family Christmas 2015

Once we returned from Michigan, it will full on Talen family Christmas time with the whole family. All of the siblings and spouses were here, so we had a house full. I am really thankful for this house and the space we have so it is easy to hold everyone. 
We did a lot of things together. One evening, all of the adults went to The Escape Room in Charlottetown. It was so much fun! You are locked a room and have one hour to solve all sort of puzzles that open different locks that eventually lead you to a key that opens the door. We got out with five minutes to spare. I highly recommend it if you have a group that likes puzzles and problem solving.
We had our gift exchange as well. This year all of the adults got a pair of Darn Tough socks. So comfortable and they have a life time guarantee. 
We also just hung out around home a lot. Wilbert felt short next to his brothers.
There was lots of coffee and snacks to go around.
And of course lots of singing and playing of musical instruments.

Live Loved by Margaret Feinberg

Adult colouring books are all the rage. So, what about a colouring books that helps you think about scripture and think about God? That is what Live Loved by Margaret Feinberg is all about.
This is a lovely book. After the introduction, each verse has a two page spread. The left page has the verse and space to journal and reflect on the verse. The right page has the verse written in a lovely script and surrounded by lots of patterns and flowers to colour. Each one is unique and lovely.
I am looking forward to using this book as part of my devotions in the New Year. As a young mom, I am going to have to be very deliberate and intentional about setting apart time to use this book as it is intended. But I am looking forward to being forced to slow down and focus on the word of God. And I enjoy having another outlet to use my creativity. Especially one that will help to remind me time and time again that I am a child of God. I think the best thing about this book is that there is not ri…