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Pictures from our Vacation to New Brunswick

Like I said earlier, we forgot our camera, but here a few pictures from the family of our vacation in the Fundy Bay area. A view from the Fundy trail.
A lovely water fall in Fundy Trail Park. Kayaking through the Hopewell Rocks at High Tide. Walking around the Hopewell Rocks at low tide. Wilbert by Third Vault Falls in Fundy Park. On the trial to (or from) Third Vault Falls. I think it must be to the falls because I look pretty perky yet. The sea caves at St. Martins at low tide. At high tide this is all pretty much under water.

Silly Me

We went on our vacation with Wilbert's family and have returned. And we forgot the camera. Bummer. So, hopefully soon I will get some pictures from the other family members so I can post a bit about what we did. It doesn't really do it justice without pictures. But we had a great time and saw some awesome parts of creation. The next time we head the east coast it will be with a big trailer behind us as we move. Keep praying for that paper work to come through soon and for our house here to sell as well.


One of the things I find the most interesting about being married is how we can both be looking at or hearing the same thing and have totally different opinions about it. I, being the English major, focus on the words and try to figure out what they are really saying. Wilbert, being the music major, listens to the music, the bass line, the brass involved and all of the other musical components. So, it always drives me nuts when he messes up the words on a song that he is singing while we are doing dishes.
But sometimes the lyric mistakes are made because we miss hear the lyrics - what is known as a mondegreen. This came up just the other day. I was doing a word search and one of the words was "Toledo." Now whenever we are on I-80 heading to Michigan and we see the sign for Toledo, Wilbert always breaks out into a little song that goes, "Toledo. Oh, oh, oh. One more time oughta get it." And that is about all he knew so he would sing it several times. Well, when I …

Since I am Going to See Most of My Family Soon...

I thought you should know what I look like. 20 weeks 22 weeks
The change is not as huge this time. It is sort of like one of those games in the newspaper where you have to find the differences between the pictures. If you look back to the last picture post, between 18 and 20 weeks was a pretty big change again. Now I am just getting a little rounder. My ring no longer fits on my wedding ring finger, so I am now wearing it on my pinky. It feels weird, but better than not wearing it at all.

The Move Update

Yesterday made our move feel every closer.
We sold our guest bedroom set, so one room in our house is completely empty.
We also had our trailer at our house and we were cleaning it out and finishing up some work inside. Wilbert decided to test out how the car would fit inside. So he drove it in and it fit great, but that was when it hit us. We are moving and this is how much room we have for our stuff. We are pretty confident it will fit, but we were getting a little creative about where we will be able to put some stuff.
We still have no official move date, but as the summer marches on, it draws ever closer.