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We have been searching lately. Wilbert has been searching for a truck. To be very specific a Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 diesel with a 5 speed manual transmission between the years of 1994-1998. Can we be any more specific? There are all kinds of rational for why it has to be this truck, the main one being Wilbert wants to convert it to run on vegetable oil. The sad thing is that there is one right here in lot in town, but they are asking way to much for it. Wilbert tried to swing a deal but they didn't take it. So now it stares him down every time we drive by.

Trying Not to Get My Hopes Up

It has been a lovely week, weather wise. Warm, sunny, not to windy. It felt like spring. I love spring. I love sunshine. It makes me happy.

But, it is only February. We live in the "Great North" as they like to call it. I check the weather reports just peaking at the page, waiting for the big blizzard that is going to knock our socks off and leave us stranded for days at a time.

So, I am just going to enjoy the sunshine today. I will think spring today, but the reality of February will come soon enough.