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16 Months

M(om): Joash, can you stop what you are doing for a little bit and talk to me?

J(oash): I guess so, mom. But there are so many things I like to do!

M(om): I know Joash. Why don't you tell me about some of those things?

 J: Well, I really like to play with my toys and read books. I think it is really fun to make you read the same book a whole bunch of times in a row and then when Dad comes home, have him read that book too. I like to take every single toy out and toss it on the floor. I also really like it when you take the cushions off of the couch. And now that I can walk and stand, I like to find all of this cool stuff that you put on the tall shelves. I just wish I could see out the windows easier.
 M: You are very good at keeping Mom busy. How are you physically?

J: Well, I am growing and I have 5 teeth (still) the sixth one is there, but it doesn't want to come out yet. I can show you were my eyes, ears, nose, hair, mouth, belly, toes and hands are. Would you like to see?

Photography Challenges

Getting a nice picture of Joash can be a challenge these days.
Why, you ask?

1) He is always on the move. Most the pictures are blurs.
2) He thinks he needs to be in charge and hold the camera. So the pictures are often blurs of the top of his head or his hand as he come in to grab the camera from me.
3) He has started to do a cheesy smile:
"Look at me! I am smiling!" So, sorry for those of you who love to see pictures of Joash. I am trying. It is just hard to get some presentable pictures of this silly boy.

Man Does Not Live on Bread Alone...but Joash Sure Tries

First of all, I do not want to say that Joash is a bad eater, or even really a picky eater. But, he knows what he likes and what he wants when it comes to food. He takes after his mother and loves his bread, dairy and fruit. Veggies and meat he really doesn't want anything to do with. ( I am certain at this point my parents are laughing because they have told me I was the same way when I was little.) He has now gotten too smart for the hiding food in applesauce trick, so we have had to get a little creative.

I made some carrot bread earlier this week, which he loves. That can count as a vegetable, right? Wilbert spread a bit of mashed sweet potatoes on his bread for lunch yesterday. Sounds gross, but Joash thought it was great! And then last night for supper Wilbert hid veggies in Joash's bread and he gobbled them all up. At least I know that all of the food he gets is good food for the most part. We continue to offer meat, but we don't push that as much as the vegetables.

Happy Valentine's Day! (from Joash)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! As you can see, I am really happy today. I am happy because today is a special day where we make sure we show the people we love how much we love them.  Lots of people have showed me love today. My mom took good care of me already this morning and gave me really good food to eat! Then she took me for a ride in the car! I also got to play with other kids at Coffee Break and Oma was one of the ladies watching us, so that was very nice. I love going for a ride in the car. I got to eat lunch with my Dad, and I hoping we will play guitar later on.
 I also got a package and a card from Grandpa and Grandma! And this cool sock monkey was in it! I really like the buttons that it has for eyes.

Oh and this is the card. It has a cool fire truck on it! Thanks everyone! And I hope you know that I love you too!

A Snowy Day

Winter has finally decided to come. And we thought it was time Joash got out in the snow. So, we took him for a little ride in this sled. Wilbert's brother found it on the side of the road this summer and we figured we better test it out. Wilbert took Joash for a few spins around the field that is behind our house. We quickly realized that this sled will work much better on well packed snow, but Joash didn't seem to mind.
He also didn't seem bothered by the snow at all. We didn't stay out too long, but I think he had a good time.

Keeping Busy (and Tooting My Own Horn)

We have had quite a week. Joash has been sick for a good chunk of it. Thankfully, today he finally seems to be getting better.

When he is feeling better, I am trying to find some new and different things to keep him entertained. One of my favorite things I use is my 50 Things to Do With Your Babyfrom Usborne. Even if I didn't sell Usborne, I would be sharing how great these cards are. On each card is a different activity that you can do with your child using things you have around the home. When I can sense that we are getting a little bored, I pull out the next card and we try out that activity. They are great and easy to use. I also like that they have a 5 different sets of these cards for different age groups.

Joash's two favorite so far have been making a tent and playing with boxes. I have a big box and in the big box are a bunch of little boxes which he likes to take out and open and then put back in the box.

Thanks Usborne for making this great parenting tool!