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Gideon - 19 Months

M(om): Gideon, another month has passed. Can you believe it?

G(ideon): It went pretty quickly, Mom. So fast, I guess, you didn't have time to take pictures of me.

M: I know. I only have pictures of you with your siblings. But, we were all sick for so much of this month and we have been busy with other things. I will try to take more pictures next month.
 G: Okay. But it has been a good month. I have gotten really good at walking and I keep trying to say more words. But, you don't seem understand to many of them yet, so I just nod or shake my head most of the time.

M: We are trying to figure out what you want to say, but it is tricky. I am so glad you know how to nod a yes and shake your head for no. That really helps us out. And you have gotten to be a great walker. What else has been fun lately?
G: I have been having a great time at Kindermusik. I have also been spending a lot of time at Joash's school, too while you are working on library. It fun to see lots of differen…

Probing by Bill Meyers, Frank Peretti, Angela Hunt, Alton Gansky

Cycle Three of the Harbingers series offers more suspense, more chills, and a deeper look into the battle for light in a growing darkness. 

In Myers's "Leviathan," the team heads to Hollywood for a taping of the new TV pilot, Live or Die, the Ultimate Reality. Little do they realize the depths of darkness they are about to enter--a darkness that, unless they stop it, will soon spread across the globe.

Frank Peretti's "The Mind Pirates" offers a rousing story featuring bizarre visions and memories of a murder, a kidnapping by 17th-century pirates, and an earring with mysterious powers. The team must overcome the ruthless scheming of an evil, hidden nemesis. 

In "Hybrids" from Angela Hunt, the sight of two children chills the team to their bones. Seeking rest and relaxation, the four friends must instead find answers to the arrival and mission of two mysterious black-eyed children. 

In "The Village" from Alton Gansky, a visit to a guarded and …

Dangerous Illusions by Irene Hannon

Trish Bailey is on overload trying to deal with a demanding job, an ailing mother, and a healing heart. When a series of unsettling memory lapses leads to a tragic death--and puts Trish under police scrutiny--her world is once again thrown into turmoil.
Detective Colin Flynn isn't certain what to think of the facts he uncovers during his investigation. Did Trish simply make a terrible mistake or is there more to the case than meets the eye? As he searches for answers, disturbing information begins to emerge--and if the forces at work are as evil as he suspects, the situation isn't just dangerous . . . it's deadly.
Dangerous Illusions is the first title in Irene Hannon's new Code of Honor Series. And once again, Hannon delivers. The plot twists were certainly things I did not see coming. Her characters are interesting, have depth and leave you wanting to know even more about them. I felt so bad for Trish and all that was happening to her and then got mad once the truth st…

Death at Thorburn Hall by Julianna Deerling

Drew Farthering arrives in idyllic Scotland for the 1935 British Open at Muirfield, hoping for a relaxing holiday with his wife, Madeline, and friend Nick. But death meets him once again when Lord Rainsby, their host at Thorburn Hall, is killed in a suspicious riding accident--only days after confiding in Drew his fears that his business partner was embezzling funds.

Thorburn Hall is filled with guests, and as Drew continues to dig, he realizes that each appears to have dark motives for wanting Rainsby out of the way. Together with Madeline and Nick, he must sort through shady business dealings, international intrigue, and family tensions to find a killer who always seems to be one step ahead.

Death at Thorburn Hall by Julianna Deering is the second book in the Drew Farthingering Mystery series that I have read. And I do enjoy this series. It is such a nice cozy mystery, a lovely change of pace for me as a reader. Yes, there is death under mysterious circumstances and such, but overall …

October Books

So I read a lot of books in October. And also in October I started an Instagram account that is pretty much a Bookstagram account. So, if you really care about the books I have been reading, follow me @deniseoftheisland. (Did you catch that Anne of Green Gables reference?)