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Pre-K Graduation

Yesterday was Joash's Pre-K graduation. Looking back, it is pretty impressive what going to school two mornings a week, and growing one year old has done to my little guy. At this program he said his line well (and a few other funny things in the microphone). He sang and did actions to the songs. While he is still my shy and timid little guy, he has become much more brave and that has been great to see.
Here he is getting his certificate and gift from his teachers.
 "This string stuff really tickles my nose, mom."

 Joash and his wonderful teachers. We were so bless to have two Godly women teaching our child.

Father's Day

We had a great Father's Day together with most of the Talen family present. Wilbert's brother and sister-in-law are back from Uganda, and Wilbert's sister came home for weekend as well. We we just missing Emil and Karisa, but hopefully we will be able to see them later on in the summer.
Joash had a nice gift from Pre-K for his dad. They filled out this information sheet.  It was pretty accurate, really and we were happy to see his super hero was Jesus. :)

Joash also coloured on a key chain and Wilbert has already found a use for it. We are thankful to be the parents of our great kids!

Around the Farm

Summer is slowly coming. I am still in long sleeves today. It is always around this time of year that I have remind myself that it doesn't really stay warm until July. And then for two wonderful months, we have summer!
But we still enjoying being outside without all the snow. Mataya likes to wear her brothers hat and cover herself in sand in the sandbox.  She also enjoys colouring by the window.
 And I really enjoy this, when they play or look at books so nicely together.

A Perfect Ambition by Dr. Kevin Leman and Jeff Nesbit

It's time for Will to forge his own path. But the force that drives him to greatness could also destroy him--and his family.
As the firstborn son of an old and powerful family, William Jennings Worthington VI knows what it's like to be under pressure. Groomed from birth with the relentless message that he was destined for greatness, Will has always pushed himself to succeed--nearly as much as his never-satisfied financial tycoon father pushes him. Becoming CEO of the world's largest and most adventuresome oil company seems the next logical step on the success ladder. But when circumstances turn, Will finds himself staring down a road that leads to Capitol Hill. Can he trade the board room for the Senate floor? Or will family secrets keep him from his destiny?

A Perfect Ambition by Dr. Kevin Leman and Jeff Nesbit was an interesting book, but not one of my most favourite that I have read lately. I think that there was too much politics and business and not enough action for my…

Dandelion Field

Things are certainly starting grow, including the silage fields. The field closest to the house always had a nice crop of dandelions. And my kids enjoy picking them.

I have had the first of many dandelion bouquets already, so it is a good thing there are lots!