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Sea Rose Lane by Irene Hannon

The latest book from Irene Hannon is Sea Rose Lane, another novel set in Hope Harbor. After a devastating layoff, attorney Eric Nash heads back to Hope Harbor--only to discover that his childhood home is being transformed into a bed and breakfast. Instead of plotting his next career move in peace, he's constantly distracted by noise, chaos--and BJ Stevens, the attractive but prickly blonde architect who's invaded the house with her motley crew. As for BJ, her client's son might be handsome, but after a disastrous romance, dating isn't high on her agenda. Yet when they join forces for to help Hope Harbor seniors, might they also find healing, hope, and a new beginning themselves?
I enjoyed reading the first book about Hope Harbor by Irene Hannon and I wasn't disappointed by the next book set in this location. The characters were realistic and interesting. I like that she write about strong woman. It was fun to read about a woman who is an architect, builder and gene…

Gideon - 2 Months

M(om): Hey Gideon! You are 2 months old already. Time is going to fast!

G(ideon):  Really, mom? I had know idea. Life has been pretty great.

M: Well, you have been a pretty great, baby Gideon. I am so thankful for you. What have you been up to this last month?
G: Well, I think I have been growing a lot.  You or Dad seem to tell me that just about every day. And Joash keeps saying that my ears are getting bigger.

M: You certainly are growing. Some of your 3 month clothing is almost too small already. Have you learned to do anything this new this month?

G: I am starting to smile and coo, which I have found out that you and dad really like it when I do that. And I like to look at my brother and sister and some of the toys that are hanging on the activity mat.

M: We do love to see that smile. What else happened this month?
G: I got to meet my grandpa and grandma from Michigan. And I was baptized. There was  a lot to see in church.

M: We enjoyed seeing how you were just looking around at …

Haircut Day

Summer is here, so it was time for summer haircuts for the guys. I did Joash's and Wilbert thought it would be fun to have Joash give him his haircut. Joash agreed
Joash did a pretty good job over all. I did finish it up for him and now the boys are ready for the summer weather!

A Visit with Grandpa and Grandma

My parents were here for a visit last week. We had a great time with them and were really glad since they brought the summer weather with them.

We picked Joash up from school so my parents could see it and then went out for lunch to celebrate Joash's first year at school.

Gideon was baptized on Sunday. I am so thankful that my parents were here for that.

 We did lots of things around the house.

 Since we finally had nice weather, the first cut of silage needed to be done. My dad was recruited to help and I don't think he minded one bit.
 We also visited Kings Castle Park near Murray River. It was great park and one that we plan to return to. They had a nice beach area on the river.
 And some great play structures, both new and old. And a little trail with different storybook character statues on it.
 We had a such a great time. But Mataya learned that a week of fun with Grandpa and Grandma is tiring. This is how I found her yesterday at about 5 pm.
We loved having my parents…

Kindergarten Graduate

It is hard to believe it, but we have a Kindergarten graduate in the house. Just one more 1/2 day of school and summer is upon us. We are all excited for that, especially since Grandpa and Grandma arrive from Michigan tomorrow afternoon.

Joash's class had a very nice closing program for their graduation and it reminded me of so many of the things I love about Immanuel Christian School. Here are a few:

Joash and all of his classmates singing songs of praise to God with lots of enthusiasm.Joash's whole class pray togetherThe grade 8/9 class came to watch the program as well. What a neat community.Mr. Mann, the principle, sitting on a kid size chair so he could speak directly to the kindergarten class.

We are so thankful for this school and all of the people who are part of it. We are already looking forward to the fall and what Grade 1 will bring.


Mataya had her first haircut yesterday. He hair was quite long, but the ends were getting really thin not all the nice looking. Plus, Mataya wants to wear her hair loose more often now, so I thought we should have things at a little more manageable length. I asked the hair dresser to just even everything out and I think it turned out very nice.  It is still long enough for ponytails and short braids, so that is nice.
Mataya seems to like it too!

One for Each Kid

Today a blog with a little tidbit from around the house from each kid.

It is interesting to see how the things Joash plays with change as the seasons and the work on the farm changes. During the winter, Joash really didn't play all that much with his tractors. But once the field work started on the farm, the farm in the house started working too,

This year Lego entered the picture too. Joash and his dad made a Brillion seeder out of Lego, a few tractors and other machines as well. The Brillion seeder was especially important because this year on our real farm we planted alfalfa for the first time. So of course Joash's farm in the house had an alfalfa field as well.

Unfortunately, Joash decided that the rug in front of the kitchen door was the alfalfa field this year. Once he planted it, he got mad anytime anyone stepped on the rug. This was getting a annoying, so I had been encouraging Joash to move his farm to the basement where he could have an even bigger field. This had be…