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A Little Farmer in the Making

One of Joash's latest favorite toys is a little toy combine. So we have a little farmer in the making already. He is figuring out that if you push it around on the wheels it rolls really nice.  And he is giving up on his army crawling and going for the real thing. Now he can push his combine all over the house.
And yes, his combine does have eyes on it. That makes it more friendly.


One cute thing that Joash has started to do now that he can crawl to where he wants to go and then sit up is spinning in a circle on his bum. He push with his right foot and drags the left foot along. He can only spin in one direction. Here is a little video demonstration: He will spin several times in a row in the same spot, especially if Wilbert and I are both in the same room with him. I don't know what he is really looking for when he spins, but it pretty cute.

10 Months

M(om): Joash, would you mind if I took you away from your books for a moment to ask you a few questions, now that you are 10 months old?

J(oash): Okay mom, I guess so, but I really like my books!

M: I know. What other things do you like these days?

J: I like my toys that make noise. It is so fun when I figure out that I can shake them, or push a button or spin something and it makes noise. And I really like boxes and other packaging things that I find around the house.
M: What new things are you able to do?

J: I can get around really quick on my own. I don't know why you think I need to be on my hands and knees, Mom. My elbows and knees works just fine. And I can take a break from crawling and sit up for while all on my own. I also like to twirl around in circles while sitting on my bum. I like to be up on my feet and walk around the house with help from you and Dad.

M: What about eating?

J: Food is great, Mom. Though I am not to sure about peas. Cheese, bread and applesauce are my…

Barrels of Fun

One of the Joash's favorite toys is his barrels. He just recently figured out how to pull them apart We now hide different things inside the smallest barrel and enjoy his delight when he finds it. Enjoy the video!

My New Venture

There are some new books at our house. That is because I am a new consultant with Usborne Books Canada. If you are not familiar with Usborne Books, you should look them up.

I first learned about Usborne when we were living in Minnesota. A lady at our church sold them. I went to a party once and I really liked what I saw. Then when we decided to move back to Canada, I was excited to learn that Usborne was in Canada as well. Since I love books, kids and learning, I thought this company was a good fit for me. So, I am giving it a go and seeing what happens. I am excited to see what happens and what people I get to meet. I am not looking for this to consume my life or anything. More for something to get me out of the house and meeting people and sharing these awesome books.

Doing Laps

Another thing that has been keeping me busy is the fact that this little guy is on the move. The main floor of the house is circle and this morning already Joash has done two laps around the house. He is getting to be pretty fast and I am following him, baby proofing as I go. He also really like to be up on him feet, so we did another lap with him walking. He thinks he is pretty big stuff while he is standing. It so hard to believe he is going to be 10 months old this week. Where does the time go?

What I Have Been Busy With

Sorry for taking so long to get back to blogging. But it has been busy here. I have been busy healing. It is going really well. I am in very little pain and rarely notice that I have had surgery. I am still not as energetic as I was before the operation, but each day is getting better.  I have been busy taking care of this little guy, too. He is on the move in his own style that is a cross between an army crawl and normal crawling. But he can get to where he wants to go and he is enjoying his new found freedom. He has also figured out how to sit back up after crawling, so that makes like a lot easier for Mom. I no longer have to rescue him from his tummy.
It is also Old Home Week on the Island, which is as close a fair as you get here. Yesterday was the parade, which was quite good. It was a nice warm day, and I was certainly glad that I was not marching in the parade.  It is sort of weird watching a parade that doesn't have any high school marching bands in it. There are a few comm…

My Appendix

It is no more.
A week ago today, I went to the ER with fairly sharp abdominal pains on my lower right side. It was unlike any pain I had ever experienced before. I went pretty late at night and drove myself and Wilbert stayed home with Joash. I actually didn't have to wait all that long, which is nice. After an initial exam, the doctor was pretty sure it was my appendix. He felt he had jinxed himself because when he came in, he said noticed I had my legs crossed on the bed. He said there was research that had been done that said when a patient had his legs crossed, the condition is not that serious. Well, I think I was just trying to stay warm because it was really cold in that room. After a discussion with the on call surgeon, they decided to put me on antibiotics and keep me over night.
I was moved in the morning to observation and eventually seen by the surgeon who declared I had appendicitis. I was scheduled for surgery at 6. I actually went to surgery a bit earlier. Everything …

Encounters with Wildlife - Part 2

Well, the wildlife sagas continue.

Last night Wilbert came home from Praise Team practice. He unloaded the car and then came upstairs and we talked for a bit. Then we both headed downstairs. Wilbert got the bottom of the stair first and said, "Whoa! There is a bat in the house."

"Are you serious?" I said, hoping he was just kidding.

"Yeah. It just flew by my head."

"Well, take care of it!" I said running back up the stairs to make sure Joash's door was closed and then to hide in our room.

That's right. I was a chicken and didn't even go down stairs to help my husband. Our house has a very open layout with only the upstairs really having rooms with doors that can close. So, there is really no where to hide down stairs. I waited anxiously as I heard Wilbert open windows and take the screens out, scold the bat for getting to close to his hair, rummage through the Tupperware cupboard, and swat at the bat. Eventually, I could tell they we…

Encounters with Wildlife

I have had two interesting encounters with wildlife in the last week.
The first was Saturday morning. I was on my way over to the farm to pick up Joash and say good-bye to Karisa, Emil's fiancee. As I was driving, I noticed a bald eagle flying along the road, sort of right along with me. I watched him land in a tree and then noticed another bald eagle already perched in the same tree. So I pulled over to get a picture. Can you find them? One is obviously flying away and the other is still perched in the tallest tree. They certainly are majestic creatures.

My second encounter happened on Sunday. I had already stepped out of the house and had put the diaper bag and things in the car and had gotten in car myself. I was waiting for Wilbert to follow with Joash when Wilbert very carefully stuck his head out of the door and quietly asked, "Denise, can you come hear and help me a minuet?"  wondering what in the world he could need help with, I got out of the car.

As I approached …

9 Month Check-up

Joash had his nine month check-up yesterday and everything looked great. Here are his stats, for those of you who may want to know.

Weight: 9.86 kg (21 lbs, 11oz)
Length: 73 1/2 cm (29 in)

The doctor said he growing like a weed, a good weed. So that was nice to hear. And his ears looked great, which was a relief as well. After his first ear infection, I think I got a little paranoid and I would worry every time he touched his ears. So, for now I will assume he is just exploring his ears and figuring out what these things are on his head.

I was going to get a picture for this post, but I forgot. And now Joash is napping, so pictures will have a wait for a little bit.

Inside Threat by Jason Elam and Steve Yohn

Looking for a high paced, action packed book? Inside Threat by Jason Elam and Steve Yohn is for you. In post 9/11 world, terror is all around us. That is something Scott Ross knows firsthand as a counterterrorism director. When a series of small attacks scattered across the country begins to escalate, Ross knows these attacks are just a diversion a bigger one to come. Home grown Islamic terrorists overrun that National Cathedral during a state funeral, Ross needs to come up with a plan to save all of the hostages. Will his friend, linebacker Riley Covington, come through with the rescue plan once again? When I picked up this book, I was looking for an engaging read that grabbed me and held on until the very end. And boy, did I get one. I found the plot and characters real and relatable. The faith of the characters was present and real, but not over bearing. It was only after finishing the book that I realized it was the fourth in a series. While I am sure my reading would be enhanced by…

He's Cute Even When He is Just Sitting There

This is Joash's new pose. He like to hook his toe on the underside of the tray of his high chair. Or his stroller. Or anything really. I just find it so cute when he sitting there like this during his entire meal. It is the little things that bring a smile to my face.