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10 Months

M(om): Joash, would you mind if I took you away from your books for a moment to ask you a few questions, now that you are 10 months old?

J(oash): Okay mom, I guess so, but I really like my books!

M: I know. What other things do you like these days?

J: I like my toys that make noise. It is so fun when I figure out that I can shake them, or push a button or spin something and it makes noise. And I really like boxes and other packaging things that I find around the house.
M: What new things are you able to do?

J: I can get around really quick on my own. I don't know why you think I need to be on my hands and knees, Mom. My elbows and knees works just fine. And I can take a break from crawling and sit up for while all on my own. I also like to twirl around in circles while sitting on my bum. I like to be up on my feet and walk around the house with help from you and Dad.

M: What about eating?

J: Food is great, Mom. Though I am not to sure about peas. Cheese, bread and applesauce are my favorite foods. I wish I had some teeth though. Then maybe I have some more big people food like you and Dad.

M: Is there anything else you like?
Joash walking back from looking at the combine.
J: I really like to go outside. I like go in the stroller while you take a walk, Mom. I like to sit outside on a blanket and pull up the grass while watching the cars go by. And I like walking in the grass. One day, Dad took me for a long walk all the way from the house to the field out back to see the combine. It was pretty cool, especially when it was unloading.

M: Thanks Joash. You can get back to reading now.

J: Okay Mom. I love you.


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He's Rolling!

Gideon has master rolling this week and sometimes, he is not too happy about it... He can go from his back to his belly all on his own. And if you lay him on his belly propped up on his elbows, he will roll over to his back.
He started rolling in his crib at nap time, so that means no more swaddling. Which also means we have to relearn sleeping through the night. He has done two nights swaddle free, which have gone okay. He stirs a few more times during the night, but I only got up once to actually feed him so he will settle back to sleep. So, not too bad and hopefully we get back on track quickly.

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Today was Storybook Character Day at Joash's school. I tried to make it easy on myself and encouraged Joash to use one of the costumes we have on hand. So, he picked the chef costume and took the book Sam the Chef.  Notice anything about his face? I didn't have time to take a picture before school and we got a call right around lunch time that Joash had a pretty bad fall on the asphalt at school during recess. He was pretty shook up about, so I went to pick him up early today. He seems pretty much his normal self now, so we are not too worried. And of course, school pictures are on the 31st, so we will have to see how well he has healed by then.