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Christmas - Part 2

Our actual Christmas celebrations were pretty low key. We opened gifts with the Talen family on Christmas eve. My goal this year was to take pictures of the kids with their grandparents and this is what we got.
 The rest of the gifts of all of the family that live far away we let the kids open slowly over the days following Christmas. We gave the kids a play kitchen and most of the gifts this year were accessories to that.
Chef Joash is ready to cook up some tasty food!

Christmas - Part 1

Actual Christmas has been pretty low key and that is just fine with me. While I certainly miss my family in the States, it nice to just stay home for the Christmas season. And because of this, we can pace ourselves a bit for Christmas. The kids have a lot of gifts to open from relatives near and far, so we have been spreading them out through this week. We will get to all of that later, but I just had to share this gift. 
Wilbert made a vacuum manure tank for our little farmer. I am always quite impressed with what Wilbert is able to make from stuff that he finds around the farm, and this is no exception.
The hose is from a Play Mobil Fire Truck Joash received for his birthday. It happened to come with an extra end, which Wilbert put on this tank. So now the hose can hook up to the fire truck, or the tank. We had one very excited boy!

Christmas Program

Now that Joash has started school we have entered the world of Christmas programs. Joash had his Pre-K Christmas program on Friday and he played the part of a wise man. We were a little nervous for him in the program since so far Joash has pretty much clammed up at the front of church and doesn't even stand when the children sing their song each Sunday after the Children's Message. So, my hopes for him was that he would stand when he was supposed to and move where his teachers told him to go.

And he did so well. He even said his line along with the other wise men and sang a little bit. He looked happy and like he was having fun, so that was wonderful to see. The program was a nice little retelling of the Christmas story and great way to start of our Christmas break!

Gingerbread Houses

Another Christmas tradition we started this year was to do a gingerbread house. Now, I didn't go all out and make the gingerbread from scratch or anything. I just bought a kit when they were on sale. We ended up making a mini village because all of the other kits had pre-assembled house and I wanted Joash to see the whole process of making a gingerbread house (other than the actual making of the gingerbread).
Here is Joash with the finished village. .
And this is Joash by the house he decorated all by himself.  Joash really enjoyed doing this, so I think the gingerbread house will be another Christmas tradition for us.

Piano Bench

When we moved to the farm house, one thing we were on the look out for was a nicer piano than the one we had. At the same time, an older woman from our church was moving from the house she had lived in for many years to an apartment in town. And of course she needed to down size. She heard we were interested in a piano and offered  hers to us. 
It is a lovely piano. While we have yet to have it tuned, enjoy the look of it and the little bit of playing that happens on it. One thing I knew I wanted to change though was the fabric on the piano bench. It is my first time every doing anything like this, but I think it turned out quite well.
Before:  After:
Quite a difference and it really freshens it up a bit.

Thunder by Bonnie S. Calhoun

Selah has always felt different from the rest of her family. And on the day before her eighteenth birthday, she learns the man she thought was her father really isn't and her biological father is a part of the outcast group. Knowing this, Selah knows why she has always felt like an outcast. And she also knows she will never be able to live at home again. Thunder by Bonnie S. Calhoun follows Selah on her journey from home toward the truth.
Selah did not want to marry the person her father was forcing her to marry. So, she decided to try and prove her worth by capturing on of the “Landers” who float across the ocean to the coastal village her family lives in. The government the mountains will give a big reward for any “Landers” who are brought to them still wearing the mark on their face that distinguishes them. But instead of capturing her the Lander, Selah ends up befriending him and travelling with him north to find her biological father and learn the truth about who she is.

19 Months

Mom: Mataya, my big girl. You are 19 months today!

M(ataya): Really? I was too busy to notice.

Mom: Yes, it is true. What things are you busy with?

M: Well, I really like all kinds of things. I like to colour, uses stickers, look at books and hold my babies and monkeys.
Mom: What books are your favorite?

M: I really like the tractor magazines with combines and cows in them. And I like the books that have pictures of monkeys, ducks or pigs in them. I am very good at those animal noises.

Mom: Yes, you are.  What others things do you like to do?
 M: I like to dance and move. I also like to go outside, especially to the barn and tractors. And I like to run errands with you, Mom, while Joash is in school. I really like to look in your purse for snacks.

Mom: I know. Good thing I always have a little something for you. What do you like to eat?

M: My food preferences haven't changed much in the last while, but I don't really know why I have to eat supper. I think I eat enough at lunc…

Christmas is Coming

Advent is upon us and Christmas has been coming slowly to our house as well. This is the first year I feel like we are able to really start some traditions that will carry on for years to come. I think that is because we are staying on the Island for Christmas this year and Joash is old enough to really get it.
So we have made Cut-out Sugar Cookies....

 We got our Christmas tree the rain. There is a Christmas tree farm not to far away, so we took the whole family yesterday and hunted for the perfect tree. It was a bit rainy, but we all had boots and rain coats on, so we still had a good time.
 This tree is our Advent Tree. We are going through the book Unwrapping the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp. It is a lovely book and one that we intend to use for years to come. The ornaments on this tree go with the reading for each day. They were some free printable pages from her website. This year I colored them, but in the future I hope the kids will do that.
 And we are also do…

Snow Day = Snowman

The weather cannot seem to make up its mind lately. Is is winter? Fall? Spring? Last week we had a big blast of winter which resulted in Joash's first snow day. He didn't seem to phased by it. The snow was very wet, perfect for snow construction. So, we were all out in the snow by 8:30 in the morning.
Joash likes to climb the "mountains" from the snow that slides off of our roof  And since it was perfect for building a snowman, we had to do it. Joash was excited that it was just about the same height as him.
And now our snowman is gone as it is sort of warm and rainy today. But I am sure another one will be built soon.