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Gideon - 5 Month

M(om): Good morning, my smiley boy! How are you doing now that you are 5 months old?

G(ideon): I am doing great, mom! I just love to see you. That is why I smile so much.

M: I love to see your smiles and hear all the stories you have to tell me. So, what things have you been up to this last month?

G: Well, I have certainly been going more places, we bring Joash to school often and I have gone to a few  craft markets with you. I have even gone swimming a few times.
M: You certainly do seem to like swimming. And I am so thankful that you are so easy going and that you don't seem to mind going all of the places with me. What else have you been up too?

G: Dad let me taste a pear one day. Wow! That was so good. I really didn't want to stop eating it.
M: I know, you were a bit sad when we took it away. I think you will like solid foods when you can start them soon. We have to keep working on your sitting muscles so you can start those in a month or so.

G: That sounds good! I also r…

A Little Bear

Gideon has been having fun testing out his voice lately he. He has now mastered the "growl" and he does it all the time. We always laugh when we hear it and I think he must like that reaction because it often leads to his laughter and the more growling. Here is a taste for you.

First Day of School 2016

It is the first day of school today. Joash is in grade 1 and today his excitement seemed to bubble over. Which made this mama's heart happy.  His other siblings were a little sad to see him go. Mataya declared today that she is very excited to go to school. Hopefully that excitement lasts for the entire next year, since she doesn't get to go to school until then.
We had a just a half day to start, which is nice to ease into the school year. When I picked him up, the first thing he said was, "I got used to grade 1 pretty quick. I get my own desk this year and my own hook!"

I am so thankful for a good start to the year and for the fantastic school that we can send Joash too.

Last Week of Summer

I had been looking forward to a somewhat relaxed week before school began, but that hasn't really happened. Here are some things that have been happening.
Joash has been a bit determined to learn to ride a bike without training wheels. He hasn't mastered it yet, and I don't think the motivation is totally there that he will get it before the snow flies, but it will be a good foundation for next summer.  Joash also had a dentist appointment this week to fill a cavity. No loose teeth yet to speak of, but it is strange to think that could be coming any time now.

Gideon has his four month check up at the doctors this week as well. He weight 14 lbs 11 oz and is 67 cm long. So he is growing just fine and looks super healthy.

 And poor Mataya. She had an allergic reaction to something. We aren't totally sure what yet. The only thing new in her world was that she had some apricot jam on her bread for lunch on Monday. Tuesday morning was the first I noticed anything strange be…