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Finding Me by Kathryn Cushman

Kelli's world has been turned upside down. Her father and step-mother have died and she is now adjusting to no longer having any family. She begins the process of going through her father's things when she discovers something that turns her world upside down again.
Kelli had always been told that her biological mother and older siblings were killed in a fire in their home. No papers or photographs survived. After the fire, her father took her out to California to begin life anew. But, in her father's safe she finds a few files that contain photographs, newspaper clippings and other papers that do not fit that story. It seems that Kelli is really the missing person, not her mother and older siblings. They are still alive in a small town in Tennessee. So Kelli decides she must go to the town and see what was wrong with her family to make her dad leave them all behind. She arrives in town and tries to keep her true identity hidden. She intends to stay only a week, but soon f…

Things Mataya Says

Mataya has a lot of things to say. And we are fairly impressed with her vocabulary. Here is a little video of her "reading" a book. Sorry for my lack of camera skills at certain parts and rather loud brother in the background, but I do hope you can catch what she is saying. 

Things Joash Says

Oh to be 4. Some of the things Joash says and does really make us laugh. Here is a little smattering from the last few weeks.
Joash has suddenly decided that "working" at the desk in his room is really cool. Now when he wakes up in the morning, he looks out the window and then sits at his desk and draws me a picture. Yesterday he said,"I maybe a little late for school tomorrow, since I have to draw you a picture when I wake up in the morning."
************************************* One day Wilbert let Joash sit on his lap in the tractor and help move the loader and steer. He then declared, "I am all growed up to be a man. I am great helper now for Daddy!"
************************************* The other day I was getting after Joash for climbing on top of the kitchen table. 
"When can I climb up on a table, Mom?" "When you have money and buy your own table."  "But that won't work. There isn't any room for another table.&quo…

Yet Again...

That is right. We had another snow storm. No church yesterday. Schools were cancelled today and are already canceled for tomorrow. Someday is will be summer. I just don't know when. We have gotten a total of 515 cm of this winter. That is 16' 10" for you Americans. 
This is our road looking south, toward town. Yep... no one is getting down there anytime soon. We are very thankful the feed truck came on Saturday and the milk truck made it here yesterday morning before things got really bad.  The tractor tracks are from Wilbert show when to blow the snow out of his parents drive way. He also pulled out a car this morning for someone who decided not to heed the RCMP's advice and was trying to get to town.

I am really thankful for two purchases I made this winter. Good quality snow pants. And just two weeks ago I found some great snow boots on clearance.  These things have made it so much more enjoyable to be outside.
 Wilbert has the kids in the tractor with him as the …

More Snow Pictures...

Are you sick of these yet? I am getting pretty close. If my kids didn't like to play in the snow so much, I would be really over winter already. We had another 25 cm of snow yesterday and some high winds again. It is rather interesting to see how the drifts form because the wind seems to be from a different direction each time.  The tractor and snowblower have certainly been getting a workout this last while.

 Wilbert's parents are currently in Uganda visiting Jander and Tiffany. We have been checking on their house every day and I thought I better include some picture of what their house looks like.

 The road is pretty one lane right now, as there was still a lot of blowing and drifting today. We are pretty impressed with our plow drivers though. I still have no reason to go to town. Though I may need to head in tomorrow to pick up some parts that Wilbert needs.

We also have a small flock of mallard ducks that have been hanging around our farm. They found the corn silage and…

Blizzard Recap

I feel like the pictures all are starting to look the same now. It is just snow, snow and more snow. And even more coming tomorrow. But we are still having fun in it afterwards. My parents are coming to visit in May and they keep asking if the snow will be gone by then. And the answer is that I really don't know. This is a lot of snow.

So feels the same. We dug out the toy room window today. The mountain outside of the kitchen gets taller and taller. But overall, we are doing well. The milk truck made it this morning around 6am. We have enough feed for the cows and more pig feed arrived today. We have lots of food in the house for all of the humans. So we are all right to hunker down for at least another 20cm (8") and 50-70kph winds tomorrow. Spring will come again!

22 Months

Mom: How are you doing today, Mataya?

M(ataya): I am doing good mom. I just love all of the snow we have right now!

Mom: It is a bit crazy, but I really like seeing you have fun in the snow. What have you been up to lately?
 M: I love to talk and sing. My favorite song right now is "Old MacDonald Had a Farm." I also really love my toothbrush and toothpaste. They make me so happy.

Mom: I hope that you continue to like your toothbrush this much. What things do you like to do outside?

M: I still love to just be outside. I also like to walk around with the little snow shovel and go for a ride in the sled.
And I really like to pull my sled to the road. Why can't I do that, Mom?

Mom: I just want you to be safe, my dear. And with all of these huge snow banks, it is hard to see anything, especially a little girl.

M: Okay, Thanks for taking good care of me, Mom.

And Today....

Go to my blog post from one month ago today and hit repeat.

We had another blizzard yesterday and the wind has yet to die down, so we have yet to see a plow. Wilbert is working hard to blow the snow to get the bales and silage he needs to feed the cows. We are not as desperate for the milk truck or feed to come this time around, so that is nice. It is March Break this week (known as Spring Break in other parts of North America, but it never indicates spring the maritimes), so no one has school anyway.) That is good because this looks like it will be another long clean up. Especially since there is more snow in the forecast for Wednesday.

This time around it sound like we got about 50 cm (about 1' 7"). Winds are pretty strong, but not as bad as the storm a month ago. Funny how this winter puts things in perspective. They are saying we have broken the record for total winter snowfall now. The thing that I think is so different about this winter is that normally the snow melts a…