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More Snow Pictures...

Are you sick of these yet? I am getting pretty close. If my kids didn't like to play in the snow so much, I would be really over winter already. We had another 25 cm of snow yesterday and some high winds again. It is rather interesting to see how the drifts form because the wind seems to be from a different direction each time.
I liked the look of this drift behind the BBQ.
 The tractor and snowblower have certainly been getting a workout this last while.

Reina was surprised by the height of this drift. All of our cars in the building by this drift.
 Wilbert's parents are currently in Uganda visiting Jander and Tiffany. We have been checking on their house every day and I thought I better include some picture of what their house looks like.

 The road is pretty one lane right now, as there was still a lot of blowing and drifting today. We are pretty impressed with our plow drivers though. I still have no reason to go to town. Though I may need to head in tomorrow to pick up some parts that Wilbert needs.

We also have a small flock of mallard ducks that have been hanging around our farm. They found the corn silage and decided that it was a great source of food. While Wilbert now covers up the end of the bag better, they still hang out too sneak a bite while he is loading up the silage to feed. But they were struggling to find shelter yesterday in the storm. Here they are hiding out near a tree.
Well today as nice and tomorrow is supposed to be nice too. Saturday we have a little system coming they say. It could bring snow and rain, so that will be rather interesting. Tomorrows big job is get the snow out of the valley on the barn roof. Time to move it before the snow gets heavier.


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Planning for 2018

So about this time of the year last year, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and finally came to the conclusion that I was not keeping very good track of things and my life. So, I bought and planner and I love it. But, in my search for a planner, I kept thinking there has to be something that can not only help me plan well, but also help and encourage me spiritually. Then, last year Jamie Ivey highlighted Anchored Press in her 2016 Gift Giving Guide. And I knew I was going to be getting a planner from Anchored Press for 2018.
And it has arrived! And I love it!

I am so excited to start using this planner in the new year. I hope that it will help encourage me in all areas of my life.

Mataya's 5th Birthday!

We had a great time celebrating Mataya's birthday yesterday. 
It took her a bit to decide what she wanted on her cake. First is was a bunny, then a flower and then she finally settled on a bunny with some flowers by it.
 She declared it perfect, so that was great!

Here she is with a few of her gifts. A few requests were her own flashlight (not pictured), bunny slippers, activity books with stickers and the biggest one was "slide on shoes."
After cake and presents Mataya said with pure joy, "This was the best birthday ever!"

A Visit from Emil, Karisa and Zeke

A few weeks ago we had a great visit from Emil, Karisa and Zeke. There was lots of cousin love...  Oom Emil love....
 And Oom Wilbert and tractor magazine love...
 There were lots of walks with Oma...
 And trips to the beach...
 They were here over Canada, so there was the annual Church Picnic, of course...

 It was a cool day, but no rain.
 But yes, I did wear my sweater on the beach.
 We also took a family morning and visited The Butterfly House
 It was lovely and peaceful and most of the family enjoyed it. Zeke was a little nervous the whole time, but over all did well. We also had a picnic lunch and saw the Young Company Show at the Confederation Center.
We had a great time and were sad to see them go. Hopefully the time will just fly by until our next visit.