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Blessed Child by Ted Dekker

Faith.  Jesus said that if we have faith as small as mustard seed, we can move mountains. What would the world be like if we really believed that? That is the question that is explored in Blessed Child.
In Ted Dekkers’s latest novel Blessed Child we meet a boy named Caleb who has been raised by a priest in a remote monastery in Ethiopia. When forces larger then themselves collide, Caleb is forced to leave the monastery and travel with relief worker and a Red Cross nurse to the United States. His rescuers quickly learn that he is no ordinary boy. When his extraordinary and supernatural power to heal is revealed to the world, everyone takes notice, including those who want this boy dead. Will those closest to Caleb find the faith they need to protect this child?
This was a really interesting read. While at times I thought the story was a bit far-fetched and dragged on, the biggest thing that hit me was the challenge it laid out to my own faith. Am I “walking in the kingdom” as Caleb puts …

6 Months

Mom: Mataya! You are 6 months old already! The time went so fast and we have been just a bit busy, so that is why this interview is a few days late.

M(ataya): That is okay mom. I had fun with Oma and Opa while you were selling books at the craft fair last weekend.
Mom: I know. I am glad that you were a happy girl. So what is new for you?

M: Oh, you know, pretty much everything. New foods, which are really yummy. New toys and things to explore with my mouth and hands. I especially like these two fingers...

Mom: I know. You have them in your mouth quite often. How else do you stay busy.
M: Well, I love to play, roll and scoot around to get toys, tiny pieces of paper on the ground and my brother. I love my brother. And my Dad. And you, Mom.

Mom: I know, Mataya. You always look so happy when you see us. What are your favourite toys?

M: I really like anything especially if it makes a crinkly noise. I also really like music and wiggling around to different songs. And I like to be in the E…

Fall, Food And Funny

Well, if feels like fall is coming to a close. It is time to get out the winter gear.  We have even had a bit of snow. Enough even that Joash and Wilbert made the firs snowman of the season. I didn't get a picture of it, but Joash was so excited to play in the snow.

In other news, Mataya has started cereal and she loves it!
And a little funny story for you. Wilbert most often shaves with an electric shaver. Joash has watched the process numerous times. The other day Joash comes over to me and says, "Mom, do you like my shaver?" I look and in his hands his is holding his small battery powered tow truck. It has buttons on it that play music, made various tow truck noises and ones that turn on the motor that drives the truck either forward or backward.

"Your shaver?" I ask.

"Yes. See?" And he proceeds to push the button that makes the truck self propel forward and holds the spinning wheels on side of his face. His shaver. Too cute!

Singulairty by Steven James

Will technology ever reach the point that it could become almost human? Will our quest for things to make our life easy eventually lead to our downfall?
Jevin Banks is an illusionist who just witnessed his friend being murdered. But who would want to harm his friend? Looking into his friend’s death leads him a steep and winding path of tricks, lies and deception. And has he digs, he finds evidence that science may be on the brink of changing what it actually means to be human. Will he ever be able to find this truth and prevent other people from finding the same fate as his friend?

Singularity by Steven James is a book filled with complex layers that makes for a really exciting and engaging read. While I have not read the first book in this series, it did not really hinder my enjoyment of this book at all. It is able to stand on its own, so that was appreciated. The characters were interesting and intriguing. But there is still some mystery surrounding them, leaving room for further cha…

Getting Big...And Strong

Mataya went back in to be weighed earlier this week. While she did not jump back on her growth curve, she did gain over a pound in the last month, so the doctor is not worried at all. She is just going to have a new curve, I guess.
In other news, she is getting really strong and can move around. I am not really sure how she does it, but she is never where I leave her when she is laying on the floor. She uses a combination of rolling and scooting. In the picture below, she started out sort of by the red ring that is half under the blue chair. That is a pretty good distance to cover when you can't even crawl. 

Thankfully she is pretty slow, so she hasn't gotten into too much trouble yet.