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I am very much enjoying how Mataya is learning to recognize things and she is quickly grasping the idea of pointing things out in the pictures in books. 
A few days ago, we read this story in the children's Bible for devotions after lunch.  Mataya quickly pointed at Abraham and said "Opa!" She was very excited and we all found it rather funny. Opa and Oma are away right now, so I guess she misses them.

18 Months

Mom: Mataya, can you believe it?

M(ataya): Believe what Mom?

Mom: You are 18 months old already! 1 1/2 years old! What a big girl you are!

M: Thanks Mom! I like being a big girl. I like it when you let me sit next to you on the couch or put me in a chair by myself. I like that I can run around and get into pretty much anything I want to

Mom: It is fun to see all of the different things you do everyday. What else do you like to do? M: I like to be by you and brother. I like to say new words, especially ones that make you laugh. I enjoy looking at books and I like to play with brother's sticker books and peel the stickers off. I wish that brother would share his tractors more with me, but most of the time he is nice to me. I also like to look animals, but I don't like it when the cats get too close. And I can make a really nice cow sound. Would you like to here it?

Mom: In a little bit. What about eating?

M: I love to eat breakfast and lunch. Yogurt is still my favorite thing, though…

The Patmos Deception by Davis Bunn

Sometimes it seems as if just when we get under us and are ready to run, the bottom falls out once again and we fall even harder than before. Carey Mather's experiences that at the beginning of The PatmosDeception. But will a visit from an old friend help her to overcome her biggest fears?
Carey Mathers feels as though she has things all under control. She has a great degree, a great job lined up and is excited at the possibility of living in Greece and doing a job she has been working hard to secure. But once she arrives in Greece, she finds her place of employment closed and it at an utter loss once again. Then she receives a call from an old friend, Nick Hennessy, who wants to hire her to work with him on a story about disappearing Greek antiquities. Figuring she has nothing to lose, Carey agrees and quickly finds herself in the middle of an intense investigation of an organized crime group. And, not only does Carey fear the disappearance of more artifacts, but also that Nick…


We have really had a lovely fall. And last week there was a few lovely days that we took advantage of to get outside for a bit and play in the leaves. 
Mataya loved walking through leaves and hearing the sounds they made. It is so nice that she is walking and now that we have the proper footwear, she can really go anywhere she wants too.  It was really sunny, so pardon my shadow.
 "Too bright, mom!"
 Joash in his bed of leaves.
But the last few days have been rainy and cool, we actually saw snow yesterday, but it didn't stay on the ground. I am afraid winter is not that far off, though.