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Taste of Summer

This girl had her first taste of watermelon, I think it is safe to say she like it!

We have been having to pretend it is summer a bit lately as it has been wet and cold here the last few days. But, the end of the week looks really nice. Come on summer!

1 year - An Interview

We apologize for the lack of photos in this post. As stated earlier, Mataya is a bit under the weather and is rather uncooperative with anything that involves not being held by mom. Doctor thinks it is just a virus, so we are hoping it passes on quickly. Mom: Mataya Anne, you are 1 year old already! How does it feel?

M(ataya): Not that great mom. I just want you to hold me all the time.

Mom: But what about when you do feel good Mataya? Then what do you like to do?

M: I like to move. I am very good at crawling and I like to pull myself up to stand by things so I can reach all of the toys that Joash does not want me to get.

Mom: That drives him nuts! What about eating?
M: Normally, I like to eat everything, especially if it comes with apple sauce. I also like goldfish crackers and cheerios for a snack. Milk, fresh bread and yogurt are still my favourites.

Mom: How about talking?

M: I have lots to say Mom? I am so glad you know when I am saying "Mama," "Dada" and &quo…

Happy Birthday Mataya!

Our sweet Mataya turned 1 on Saturday! Unfortunately she wasn't feeling the greatest this weekend, so birthday celebrations were less than enjoyable. But, we still had a nice time. 
 Mataya was spoiled by all of her family. She is now has a great summer wardrobe and new toys to play with as well. Joash has enjoyed most of these toys more than Mataya so far, so we will have to keep working on sharing.

And since Mataya was not feeling all that great, the cake time was not very exciting at all.  She poked it and looked at it and licked a bit of frosting off of her fingers. But, she was not really impressed.

I made her a butterfly cake. It turned out pretty well, but I had some issues frosting it. The frosting wouldn't stick where I put it, so it became full of crumbs. And my icing colors had really gelled up or something, so they didn't give off as much colour as I wanted. But overall, I think it turned out pretty cute.  Joash insisted that we put sprinkles on Mataya's c…

Happy Mother's Day!

So happy that I get to be a mom to these two kids. Mother's Day was a lot of this year because Joash sort of got the idea about what it was for. He and Wilbert did a little shopping for me on Saturday and wrapped the presents before nap time. When I got Joash up from his nap, he was making a quiet sign. I asked him what he was doing. He said, "Don't say anything." "About what?" I asked. "Mother's Day, " he responded then proceeded to tell me that my present were hidden in his closest.

Then on Sunday, we had the radio on in the morning and they mentioned that it was Mother's Day. Joash asked if it was and when I said yes, he said, "Mommy, I love you very much and we got you some gloves, a shovel and a fork that you could use to pick up spaghetti."

We waited to open the presents until after church and I was presented with a new pair of gardening gloves, a small gardening shovel and a small cultivator rake. It was just what I neede…

Field Work

Well, the field work has begun again. This year, for the first time ever, Talnie farms is plowing a field! There is an old plow that was purchased with the farm and it has just been sitting in the machine shed all these years. But, this year we are are planting a new field in corn, so the plow was the only way to go.
Joash decided that he did not want to ride in the tractor with Dad to help plow. He finds this tractor rather loud as it no longer has windows in. But, we had a nice time watching!

An Afternoon at the Park

I am not a mom who spends a lot of time at parks and playgrounds with her kids. This is for several reasons.  1) I have to drive to any park and we all know packing up everyone in the car takes a bit of extra effort 2) Joash doesn't have a really good relationship with playground equipment yet. In the past, he has never wanted to go and explore a playground structure on his own, he didn't really like to swing and he didn't really like slides. So, that kind of limits the amount of fun one can have at a play ground. Why would I drive somewhere to have my kid pretty much want to just sit on my lap the whole time. We can do that at home. 3) Joash doesn't do well when there are too many unfamiliar kids around. Yeah, he is a bit shy and timid. So, he doesn't really like to go on anything that another kid is using. And if he is on something and another kid comes over, he gets off right away and runs to me.
But, a new year has come and I thought we should try out the park…


We have been doing lots of things.... Spending time outside when it is warm enough. 
 Spending time inside doing different activities for a change of pace
Joash has been spending lots of time at the farm lately, going almost daily to help feed the cows. He certainly is a farm boy. And I sure like the break as he seems to be giving up on the afternoon nap.

Mataya has been crawling  more and more and pulling herself up by things. She still is not super confident on her feet and has a tough time figuring out how to move once she is standing, but she is learning!