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First Day of School - 2015

It was Joash's first day of Kindergarten today. Since his school has moved into brand new facilities, the start of school had to be delayed a day until all of the inspections could happen. So today is the day! And today of all days was the one day Joash decided to sleep in instead of getting up at 7 on the dot. So I had to wake him up. But once he remembered that school was starting today, he was pretty excited.  Mataya was excited too as she thought that she was going to go to school as well. When she was leaving the school with me after we got Joash settled, she said in a very sad voice, "oh dear."
Joash had a lot to say about school during the ride home. He was very excited because there were some tractors to play with and different machinery to hook up to the tractors. They met Sally the Sound Muncher who ate silly things like spiders, snacks, suckers and scissors. And they had story time and had some time to look at books by themselves.

He asked me if I was a bit s…