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Gideon - 7 Months

M(om): Hi Gideon! How are you doing?

G(ideon): I am doing great mom. Though I have a bit of a runny nose, but I still am pretty happy.

M: What is new this month?

G: Well, I keep trying new foods and I like them quite a lot. I wasn't so sure about chicken the first time around, but when you put some sweet potatoes with it, then it was really good. I like purees and cereal the best. Some days I like bread an other things with more texture and other days not so much.
M: Well you still are doing really well eating and I can tell that you are more satisfied and content when you belly is full of foods other than just milk. How is the crawling going?

G: I am very happy dragging myself around the house. I have been able to explore so many interesting places. My favorite is under the desk. There are so many pretty lights and cords down there. Why don't you let me stay, mom?
M: Well, is just isn't the best place for you to play. Are there any toys or things you really like?

G: I li…

Joash - the creator

Joash has really started to like making things. His creations are quite varied and very interesting. I am always surprised with what he comes up with.

Grandpa and Grandma VB Visit

Well, my parents came for a visit last week and we had a great time. We didn't do very much because Gideon needed to nap and the weather was very rainy. But the kids had a great time playing with Grandpa and Grandma.

We certainly loved our visit with Grandpa and Grandma and we look forward to next time we see them!

The Shattered Vigil by Patrick W. Carr

Shattered Vigil is the second book in The Darkwater Saga and it picks up right where the first book left off. Their victory over the dark forces during the feast of Bas-solas should have guaranteed safety for the continent. Instead, Willet and the rest of the Vigil discover they've been outsmarted by those seeking to unleash the evil that inhabits the Darkwater. One of the Vigil has gone missing, and new attacks have struck at the six kingdoms' ability to defend themselves.

Worse, a deadly new threat has emerged--assassins hunting the Vigil, men and women who cannot be seen until it's too late. To thwart the perilous new risk, the church makes the drastic decision to safeguard the Vigil by taking the surviving members into protective custody. But there are secrets only the Vigil can unearth, and so Pellin makes the heart-wrenching choice to oppose the church in a race to turn back the evil that threatens an entire continent. 
I have read all of Patrick W. Carr novels so far …