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Now after the pace hectic of the end of the year and graduation and graduation open houses, summertime is officially here. And how did we celebrate? By spending the morning at school sorting and filing band music. I am a nice wife who helps her husband get organized. My room is all cleaned and packed away and Wilbert thinks he has just a half a day left. Hurray for a change of pace.

My New Freedom

I have always had a little belly. The flat stomach model look that we are all supposed to strive for was never a reality for me. Still, I was always a bit self conscious about about it. I picked my clothes carefully, always looking for stuff that didn't make me look pregnant.
And now that I am pregnant, I don't care at all. It is so fun to put on something and not double check to make sure I don't look pregnant. I am and everyone knows, so there is no need to hide it.
Oh, and did I mention there are only three more days left in this school year. That is another freedom that is coming pretty quick.

A Perk of Being Pregnant

Your students bring you food. Now that they all know I am "eating for two," they have decided that is a good excuse to bring treats for the whole class. And I am not complaining one bit. They have been very yummy.

What God Has Been Teaching Me

I feel like this year God has decided to teach me the lesson of "Trust in Me. I am in Control. I have a Plan.
First our plans to move to PEI. We filled out all of my immigration paper work and we are now waiting...and waiting... and waiting.
Another thing with the move is that we need to sell our house. So it is on the market, a very saturated house market in the area right now, and we are waiting...and waiting...and waiting.
And today was the day we told everyone that we are expecting our first child in November. So more waiting and more things that could go wrong. What if my paper work doesn't come through on time? What if the baby is born early and is therefore born here in the States?
I could totally stress myself out with these worries. I am a person who likes to be in control. I like to decide on a plan and attack it. I like to know what is coming next.
And yet, I will admit that I have never felt more at peace then I do right now. I am not in control. God has a plan. He ha…

What's New

Well, I haven't blown away to Wisconsin yet, but I almost did.
Yep, here I am complaining about the winds again. It is crazy windy again. I had thought about hanging the laundry on the line today, but I would like all of my clothing items back, so I think I will just stick with the dryer today.
We showed our house again today. The more people that go through it, the better. It also helps keep the house a bit cleaner, and that is an excellent bonus.