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New to Us Chair

Joash would like to show you the "new to us" chair.  He loves to climb on it, sit in it and, since it is a recliner, put the foot rest up. Joash went along with Daddy to get the chair and helped move it into place at our house.
We are pretty excited about this chair for two reasons. We have wanted a recliner for a long time, like probably for as long as we have been married. And we got this recliner for free. Wilbert spotted an ad on Kijiji that said "I will give you this chair if you move a treadmill from point A to point B in Charlottetown." So, after a bit of negotiation to find a time that worked. Wilbert and Joash hopped in our truck, picked up a friend in town to help and came home with a chair. What a deal!

Soul's Gate by James L. Rubart

What if we could physically see the spiritual warfare around us? And in us? What if you were able to help others battle for their freedom in Christ?
The characters in Soul’s Gate by James L. Rubart can do just that. Following a prophecy from long ago, Reece has come out of the shadows and formed a team of warriors that he trains to go into other people’s souls and battle for them in the name of Christ. As their eyes open to the spiritual realm around them, amazing things happen. People experience a freedom they never thought possible. But, the enemy starts to notice and wants it to end, now.
I was a bit skeptical of Soul’s Gate at first. The premise seemed too far fetched  But I was surprisingly drawn in and engaged in the story. The writing is clear, engaging and fast paced. The characters, while a bit stereotypical, are realistic and honest. I was challenged a bit too. Do I have my eyes open to all that is happening spiritually around me? Is there more that I am missing? I would recom…

Silly Joash

It is certainly fun to see Joash's personality come out. I already see many similarities between him and myself and his dad. He is quite funny and often will say something funny and then follow it up with, "Silly Joash." Here are a few examples.
We have been having a few issues with getting Joash to sit in his own chair for meals. One day, he did not want to leave his cardboard box house that he has in the toy room. So this was our solution.  He ate quite well and was very happy that day.

On Tuesday, we came back from being out and about for the morning. It was a nice and sunny day. Joash spotted his sunglasses when we came back into the house and decided it was "bright" inside the house. He played in the house with his sunglasses on for the next hour.
"Silly Joash!"


Joash has really taken to playing with dolls. He is also really taken with any baby he sees while we are out and about. And all of this is so good, since we are excited to say that we will be welcoming a new baby into our home in May!

When we talk to Joash about the new baby, he usually gets really excited. Sometimes he even says he would like two babies. We hope he is wrong about that one for the time being. And this week, if you ask him if he would like a girl or a boy baby, he quickly answers, "Boy!" We will have to wait and see if he is right.

More From Grandma and Grandpa's Visit

A few more pictures from Grandma and Grandpa's visit and Joash's birthday.  Joash really liked his birthday balloons  By the end of the present opening, he was pro!  He really liked his tractor cake!  We had a few nice days, which was great for playing in the leaves.   Thanks for coming Grandpa and Grandma!

24 Months

Note: Sorry for the lack of pictures in this interview. Whenever the camera comes out, Joash just wants to look at the pictures and videos that are on it. I have to get better at "catching" him. Also, this is the last monthly interview. If I remember, I am going to try and do them every six months from now on.

M(om): Joash, it is time for an interview.

J(oash): What? My birthday was over a week ago. Why are you so late, Mom?

M: I have my reasons and we had visitors, so now is the time! What are your favorite things to do right now?

J: I really like birthdays, because I like to eat cake. I like to play with my tractors and load things up like always. I really like it when you and dad build towers and then I knock it over. I also like to sing.

M: What songs are you favorites?

J: "Baa Baa Black Sheep" "Itsy Bitsy Spider" "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and my most favorite is "Wheels on the Bus." I like to pick out different things that I …