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Now That It is Over...

My students all asked who I was going to vote for. After a short discussion about why you cannot and should not tell people who you vote for, they changed the question to who do I think will win. And I honestly replied that I had no idea. This was the first election that I could remember well where I did not have a clear idea of which candidate would win.

And now it's over. Some people are extremely happy and some are extremely upset. I have simply decided that I am putting my faith where it really belongs - in God. Despite all of the rumors and predictions about what is going to happen to the country, I firmly believe that God is in control. He has a plan. That doesn't mean it is going to be perfect or a walk in the park, but God has things in control. I cannot even begin to see the big picture like God sees it. I just have to trust and pray for the President and all of the leaders to seek God's will and the wisdom found only in him.

What bothered me the most about today was the sort of reactions that came from many of my students. Most of the rumors and pictures of doom and gloom I have heard have come from their mouths. And unfortunately I can only assume that they are gleaning these views from their parents. The Bible is very clear the we need to respect those in authority over us, which includes the governing officials (Hebrews 13). So, I have decided that my first job right now is to be a role model of how God wants us to respect those in authority over me. I hope and pray that I can show my students how to be Biblical thinking citizens who both care about their country and world and respect those who deserve respect.

Some days, that feels like a pretty tall order.


Han said…
I can understand your frustration. One of the best lessons I learned growing up in Holland was that even though there were many people I disagreed with, many of them were people I respected. People who think the opposite from you politically or religiously are usually not stupid people who should be dismissed--they have reasons for thinking the way they do, and it can be really valuable to try to learn and understand those reasons. As for dealing with your students, remind them that there are many earnest, committed Christian folks who are rejoicing at the outcome of this election, and their rejoicing doesn't make them any less Christian. Good luck.

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