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Things that Make Me Laugh

Some days you really need a good laugh. I am not saying that today was one of those days or anything, but I have been laughing a bit today at these things and I thought I would share it with you. Laughter is good medicine they say.

This book is on that I received for Christmas and it is so funny. It is a book of "cutting remarks" that were overheard on PEI. Most of them could be said in just about any place at all. For example: "She's sweet alright, like frosting on burnt cake" or "He's not completely crazy, just a half bubble off plumb."

This book is one that I picked up at a library once for free since the library no longer wanted it on the shelves. It is published in 1967 and it really does have some useful things in it that you could possibly...if you had no other option...and no one around you knew who you were. It might coming handy on a deserted island...but would who in their right mind would be caught carrying this book around. Aside from the interesting little tips it gives, the author just writes some really funny stuff without meaning to. For example, after giving a whole bunch of ideas on how to signal for help, the author give this friendly advice. "Don't endanger yourself. For example, rush to toll the church bell unschooled in the art and you will be rocketed up by rope to crack skull on ceiling." Thank you for showing how much you care.

One more for today. A blog that I stumbled upon that really makes Wilbert and I laugh. It is called Cakes Wrecks. Just take a few minutes to scroll through some of the pictures enjoy a good laugh. My favorite one is Friday, January 16 - Big Day, Big Wrecks. Enjoy!


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So about this time of the year last year, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and finally came to the conclusion that I was not keeping very good track of things and my life. So, I bought and planner and I love it. But, in my search for a planner, I kept thinking there has to be something that can not only help me plan well, but also help and encourage me spiritually. Then, last year Jamie Ivey highlighted Anchored Press in her 2016 Gift Giving Guide. And I knew I was going to be getting a planner from Anchored Press for 2018.
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