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"Unquestioned Answers"

Hi everyone. This is Wilbert posting.

This week is Spiritual Emphasis Week at Southwest MN Christian (by the way, every week is spiritual emphasis week except we don't title it that way). Wednesday and Thursday at school we had a group of six 20-25 year olds present our student body with biblical worldview training. Wednesday we had the first 4 sessions of a 6 part whole. The group that presented is called Axis and they are terrific.

As teachers we each chip away at different aspects of a young person's worldview formation from our own perspectives. While teaching this way is great, we don't always summarize what we've team taught as a whole because we don't necessarily know how each teacher has approached the topic. Wednesday and Thursday were great for the students because Axis built the critical thinking framework that our students need to think concretely about what their worldview is.

Students were also challenged to defend why God exists with the speaker playing devil's advocate. This really made for an interesting time watching students put their brains in action defending their faith.

The AXiS team gave tips for how to ask good questions and really did a magnificent job of challenging our students with skills they will need once they leave the Edgerton "bubble".

While at Dordt I remember honing my biblical worldview while being a student and am still honing today. Biblical worldview is a concept that is foundational at Dordt and I might say that sometimes I take that training for granted. Would I have received this type of education at a public university?. . .no! Did I learn what a biblical world view is at my public high school? No. This is a reason why Christian education is so important to young people.

On a different spectrum, the AXiS team also spoke with parents in an evening information session. The team explained who they were and what they do and how they do it. There are six members on their team so that each person can talk for about 2-3minutes, show a video clip and seamlessly hand the mic over to another team member. This concept works great with a TV/internet generation whose attention span is about 2-3 minutes. The team showed parents what they taught their sons and daughters throughout the day and also showed the parents what their kids are influenced by through the media.

Over the last little while since working on our school's promotion committee we've been looking into pages on social networking sites to aid in promoting our school. Since I am the youngest person on the committee and I actually have a facebook page I had to explain how everything works which is no easy task. As with anything new on a committee we are sometimes leery of introducing and posting things (especially on the internet). I couldn't quite convey to the committee why it was important for our school to have a presence on social networking sites. Perhaps I should show them this video that AXiS showed at the parent meeting.

I was once again motivated to teach my students not to take everything they hear at school or at church or in the world as truth, but to question every answer given them and to see if it meshes with how God asks us to live our lives.


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