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Neighbors and Wise Men by Tony Kriz

Where can you encounter God? So many people think the only place you can encounter God is at church or with other Christians. Tony Kriz, in his book, Neighbors and Wise Men, challenges this notion to the core.

Kriz grew up in what many would consider an ideal setting. A happy Christian home, able to go the school he wanted and then entered foreign mission work after college. And it was there that his world turned upside down.  Kriz did mission work in Albania, a muslin country. There, while his past told him these people were on the wrong team, yet he found people who were more in touch with God and their faith than anyone he knew back home. This caused Kriz to start questioning everything he believed to be true. After being discharged from the mission organization he was working for, Kriz found himself back home and in theology school trying to get back in touch with his faith and his God. But, he quickly found out this wasn’t going to happen in the classroom, but in many unexpected places. It was through encounters with many unlikely people, in unlikely places that Kriz regains his faith and see that God is bigger than he ever imagined.

Neighbors and Wise Men was an interesting book to read. I enjoyed seeing how Kriz faith grew and developed through all of the different people he encountered. Being a person who has a similar background to Kriz, I can understand how important it is to see that God is bigger than we often think. We need to stop putting God in a box and open ourselves to how He can work through all thing, all people and in all places.

I was given a copy of this book by Book Sneeze. All opinions are my own. I was not required to write a positive review.


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