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Snow Storm - Part 2 - The Day After

The clean-up from this storm is certainly taking a while. We had a total of 86.6cm of snow (2' 10") over Sunday and Monday. We are so thankful that our road was cleared enough that the milk truck could come to empty the milk tank. There was room for 56 liters more, but that was it.We knew the truck was coming, so Wilbert just waited and did this mornings milking a bit late. So, he slept in a bit, which he really needed. We are hoping that the feed truck is able to come today, as we are out. Wilbert had ordered feed for Monday, but obviously that didn't happen. So, he rationed what was left yesterday, but know we are out. The bridge opened again this morning after being closed since Sunday afternoon. Our feed comes from Moncton, NB, so we are now just waiting for it to show up. Other than that, we are good for supplies and food, so we are just staying put for now. 

And now some pictures for you. These first three are taken from the top of the giant snow pile that is between the house and furnace shed. This is where a lot of the snow ends up as the guys clear the yard. It is really tall now. Joash climbed up this morning, but said, "It is bit scary. It is too tall." So I don't think we will be sledding down it anymore. 
 The corner of the house and dairy barn.
 The pig barn and furnace shed.
 The workshop and machine shed.
The kids and I walked all over the farm the morning. It is really nice weather today. Not to cold and not very windy.
The front of the house. Mataya is there along the driveway.
 After the yard was cleared, it was time to dig windows out and clean off the roofs. Joash is here on the drift in front of the dairy barn.

The wind did some really interesting things with the snow. The snow is packed in very hard, so you can walk quite easily on top of the drifts. 
 Drifting behind the barn.
 Some waves in the middle of the pasture.

The kids love being out in the snow. Joash really likes to dig holes. One thing he really wanted to do today was dig the swing out. And then he and Mataya played in the hole for while after that.
We are very thankful for a warm house, that we are right here by the farm, for plow drivers and for having no real reason to leave right now. What a winter!


Tam Velderman said…
Great pictures, Denise~
It's fun to be able to see life for your family on PEI.

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