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Just Do It

Are any of you on this "Word for the Year" things? I am not totally die hard about it, but as we have already flown through January, I have made an unofficial one for myself. Well, more of a phrase actually.

Just do it.

Which yes, I know it is the Nike slogan, but I am talking about many things other than running really fast. It plays out in many contexts, which is why I can't really find one other word or phrase to sum it up well. This just fits.

1) Just do those things you keep putting off. Like writing our will. Today, we had our appointment with our lawyer to sign those. They were pretty standard and we know we will need to change some things in 5  years or so, but after three years of saying we should do it, we finally did.

2) Just do those things with your kids. Take 10 minutes to colour a picture with Mataya before you tackle the farm book keeping. Take 15 minutes to read a book with Joash before you clean the bathrooms. Take 5 minutes to give Gideon all of the attention he deserves and is often overlooked (poor third child).

3) Just do those things that help you rest and be a better you. Instead of wasting time on the computer, take 10 minutes to read the book I am currently in. Instead of constantly living with the feeling that "there must be something I should be doing," sit and rest and enjoy those around me.

4) Just do those things that you need to be brave to do. The most challenging thing for me to do often involves putting myself out there for people or interacting with people that I do not know very well. But I am working on courage. I have talked to a few people about mentoring. We have had some of our neighbors that we do not know as well over for Sunday lunch. And so far it has all been so good.

5) Just do those things that fill you up with God's truth. Lately, God has been working on my heart confronting many of the lies that Satan has put there. That I am not good enough, brave enough, doing enough. That those people always do that, say that, don't know what they are doing, shouldn't be allowed to do that. And the only way to combat these lies to be filled up with the truth of God. I have a pretty good habit of doing devotions, but those often don't really include a lot of scripture reading. But that is where the truth of God is found and I have got to read it for myself. I recently discovered She Reads Truth which I love because it is an easy way to read scripture. I have also added some Christian non-fiction to my reading and it has been refreshing and encouraging. A few favourites that I have recently are Lets's All Be Brave and Bread and Wine.

6) Just do those things cause you give thanks. Noticing and acknowledging are a big part of this. Having my eyes and heart open to the little things of day that give me joy and then acknowledging those things to God in a short prayer have helped the day stay centered and joyful

7) Just give yourself grace. Can I be the first to say I still fail miserably at this every day? I still lose my temper with my kids. I still am selfish. I still put things off. But there is grace and that is really the only way to live life

I hope I can continue to just do it throughout this year.


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