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5 Months

M(om): Joash, Can you believe you are 5 months old already?
J(oash): Of course mom! Look at all of the stuff I can do!
M: What can you do?
J: You know mom. I smile at you. I laugh sometimes. I like to make a laughing face, and I am working on getting sound to come out all of the time. And I can roll over.
M: You can? How come I never see you do? Why do you only do it in your bed?
J: I just don't like to show off, Mom.  
M: Okay. So how about bath time? 
J: I am starting to like them more and more. You saw me kicking and splashing a little bit. I think it will be more fun when it is warmer out.
M: Any other new stuff?
J: I am getting really good at sitting with support. I like that I can see everything around me and I don't have to bend so far to get things into my mouth.
M: Care to talk about sleep at all?
J: Well, I have figured out that I don't really need to cry to fall asleep. (Why are you jumping up and down with joy, mom?) It got really tiring after a while, so now I just roll onto my tummy and fall asleep. Nap time is pretty good. I am so much happier when I take a few good naps.
M: So, Joash, what is up with this sleeping position?
J: It is comfortable mom. I like sleeping on my hands flat on my face. My hands hold my nose up just high enough so I can breathe just fine.
M: Any thoughts about when you are going to give mom a break and sleep for some nice long stretches at night? You used to do it.
J: Oh, I don't know Mom. I am a growing boy and I need my food. Plus, I miss you during the night. But, once I see you and get a nice meal, I am all set to go back to sleep again.
M: Well, thanks again Joash. I will let you get back to you toys.
J: Thanks Mom.  Have fun making lunch.


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He's Rolling!

Gideon has master rolling this week and sometimes, he is not too happy about it... He can go from his back to his belly all on his own. And if you lay him on his belly propped up on his elbows, he will roll over to his back.
He started rolling in his crib at nap time, so that means no more swaddling. Which also means we have to relearn sleeping through the night. He has done two nights swaddle free, which have gone okay. He stirs a few more times during the night, but I only got up once to actually feed him so he will settle back to sleep. So, not too bad and hopefully we get back on track quickly.

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