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9 Months

We are taking a short break from our vacation recap to bring you an interview with a very cute 9 month old. All of the interview photographs were taken by Amy Hanson.

 M(om): Well Joash, how has this ninth month of life treated you?
J(oash): It has been great, Mom. I have done a lot of new things for the first time and I am pretty happy with my life.
M:What were some of those firsts?

J: I flew on  an airplane and rode on a boat. I took my first trip to a foreign country. I also had my first ear infection, which was not such a fun first, but so it goes.
M:What things do you like to do these days?
J: I love to go outside. I like the fresh air and all of the things to see. I like going for walks with you, Mom and just sitting outside in my stroller too. I also like to play and move around. I can get from a sitting position to my tummy really well. I am trying really hard to move around, but it is tough. Right now I just pivot in circles on my tummy and sometimes slowly inch toward stuff with a combination of rolling and pulling myself forward with my arms. And yesterday, I learned how to give a high-five.
M: How is that appetite?
J: I love to eat! And forget that milk and formula. I love real food. I also like to feed myself a few things like bread and Mum-Mums, but it has to be the right texture. But you can feed me anything, Mom, and I will eat it.
M: Anything else you would like to say?
J: I don't think so, Mom. Can you please read to me my favorite book Baby Boo.
M: Okay, Joash. Wave bye-bye.
J:Wave? I don't care about waving, Mom. Why do you and Dad always try to get me to wave?
M: Never mind, Joash.


Joy said…
Oh my. He is just too cute! I've already ordered most of these and they should be arriving in the mail any day! :)

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