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March Books

This was a big reading month for me. I was very surprised when I looked back at my GoodReads to see what I had actually read last month. Here are the highlights.

The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp - Voskamp's second book does not disappoint. A great look at the Christian life and how we must be broken to be made whole and we must share that brokenness with others. When we are honest with ourselves and others, then God can do great things!

Grace for the Good Girl by Emily P. Freeman - A lovely look and reminder that we all need grace, even the good girl, rule follower like myself. Refreshing, relatable and real. I like this one a lot because it fit me and where I am at.

For the Love by Jen Hatmaker - A serious, yet fun look at life and what it means to live with the love of God. I enjoy Hatmakers writing and honesty.

Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist - In a world that demands more and more of us, it is hard to be present. This a great book about Niequist taking the time to stop, pull back on all the demands of life and learn to be present in her life. I especially like the second half that talked about how we remake our life so we can be present with the people who matter the most and present in our relationship with God.

Orphan Train by Christian Baker Kline - A fantastic novel about a modern day girl in foster care who starts to work for an older lady and discovers the amazing story of the woman's past. An engaging read with a fascinating and intriguing story.

Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave - The story of four friends during WW II in Great Britain. The war takes them all in different directions and the book explores if their relationships can survive the war. So well written and the characters are one you will not quickly forget. Highly recommend this one!


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A Farm Boy Already

I don't fully understand how this happens, but Gideon already loves the tractor. If he is in the kitchen or the living room and he hears the sound of the tractor, he crawls to the closest window and has a look outside. When he sees it, he often starts drumming on the window sill, so excited. He repeats a little "T" sound, like he is trying to say tractor. He hasn't actually gone for a ride in the tractor, yet. But I think he will be pretty excited to that some day soon.

Storybook Character Day 2016

Today was Storybook Character Day at Joash's school. I tried to make it easy on myself and encouraged Joash to use one of the costumes we have on hand. So, he picked the chef costume and took the book Sam the Chef.  Notice anything about his face? I didn't have time to take a picture before school and we got a call right around lunch time that Joash had a pretty bad fall on the asphalt at school during recess. He was pretty shook up about, so I went to pick him up early today. He seems pretty much his normal self now, so we are not too worried. And of course, school pictures are on the 31st, so we will have to see how well he has healed by then.

Summer Vacation 2017

This was supposed to be the first of probably a few post about our wonderful family vacation in Michigan with my parents and sisters.

Instead it is a post about our vacation, on PEI. The kids at home with Oma, Opa, Tante Reina and Wilbert. Wilbert home with the kids or visiting the hospital.

At 4 am on the morning of July 15th, instead of going to the airport to fly to Michigan with the kids, Wilbert and I drove to the hospital where I was soon admitted and fast tracked to have my gall bladder removed.

A little bit of background. I have been struggling for a while with random bouts of pain in my abdomen and back. Back in October of 2016, I did go the ER with this pain. At that time, the doctor determined I was having esophageal spasms, a surprisingly common thing for a woman who had a baby 5 or 6 month ago. After my time in the ER, I did not have any further issues until April of this year.

In April, I had 10 of these episodes in 20 days. Most often they would last for 30 minu…