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Gideon - 16 Months

 M(om): Hey Gideon! How are you doing, big guy?

G(ideon): Oh pretty good mom. I having lots of fun with this whole standing thing. It has been pretty exciting to figure out how to do it!

M: We have been pleased to see you doing it. Any thoughts on walking yet?

G: Nah...why walk when I can crawl, climb and be carried around any where I want to go?
M: That is true. I have a feeling that one of these days you are just going to do it and then there will be no looking back. And I will probably be chasing you all over the place. What else it new?

G: I have some new teeth. My first two molars came in last week.

M: I know! Anything else?
G: I really like to play with truck and tractors now. I like to drive them around in the kitchen and living room. Joash even shared some of the tractors he doesn't play with as much anymore, so I have lots of new ones to try out.

M: It has been so neat to see you crawling along pushing the different vehicles around. You certainly are getting interested in those. What else have you learned?

G: I can climb on to the couch, kitchen table and a closed toilet all by myself. I can so many things when I am up high.

M: Including almost falling and almost giving your mom a heart attack. You are pretty daring. You also think that you can sit on a kitchen stool by the island all by yourself, but I don't know that you are quite ready for that, either.

G: But it is so fun. I feel like I am big like Joash and Mataya.

M: You are a big boy, but I also want you to be safe. Soon enough you will be able to do it by yourself. I love you Gideon!

G: I love you too, Mom!


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