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Loosing Tooth #2

Well, Joash's second tooth finally came out. It had been very loose for a long time, but it hung in there. We were hopeful that since loosing the first tooth was not a very dramatic event, loosing teeth would be  breeze. This was not quite the case.

It was just before supper time and Joash and Mataya were on the trampoline together. Mataya came running to the house to say Joash needed me, so I went to him and he is crying and saying his mouth hurts. I am still not sure what happened exactly, but I eventually figure out that his loose tooth hurt. I had a good look and could tell it had just been pushed out of where it normally sits, causing the pain. I told him it just needed to come out and then his mouth will feel fine. But he would have nothing to do with it. No one, including himself, could touch his tooth. He could not push it with this tongue and also he refused to close his mouth. This meant droll was pouring out of his mouth.

Then it was time to eat supper. This, of course, did not work. We gave Joash a towel to wipe up his mouth and the rest of us ate.

After supper, somehow we finally convinced Joash to sit on my lap and let Wilbert try and pull the tooth out. I pinned his arms down and told Wilbert he better get it the first try. Joash was still not totally calm, but Wilbert managed to get a hold of the tooth and he barely had tug and it was out. Joash didn't even no it was over, so we sent him to look in the mirror. Once he noticed the tooth was out, all was okay in the world again. We had our Joash back, and he was hungry.

Hopefully the next teeth that come out will be a little less dramatic.


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