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Moving: Part 4 - A Confession and An Omission

Okay. I have a confession to make.

I am a horrible speller. Horrible. I love computers because they have spell check. I would be completely lost and helpless without it. I can most often tell when a word is not correctly spelled, but I would be hard pressed to say what the correct spelling would be. My third grade teacher, who had been teaching for several decades already told my parents at parent teacher conferences that she could not figure it out. I could read anything put in front of me, but I could not spell to save my life.

And yet, I was an English teach for the past six years. Grading papers was no problem. I most often caught spelling mistakes and my students are blessed with the wonders of spell check as well. The worst was writing student responses on the board. I would often have a great word in my head to summarize what the student had said, but because I did not know how to spell it, I would have to pick a synonym that I did know how to spell. My students quickly learned to roll with it and I would sometimes ask them how to spell a word if it was the only one that would work. This is one the best examples , even though it may be silly, of God using my weaknesses to work in ways that I could never have imagined. I loved teaching and I am confident God did some powerful things in my classroom.

That being said, I am sure that many of you noticed my confusion between the word "boarder" and "border." Thanks to my super husband, they were all edited in my last entry. I am sorry if that drove anyone crazy. To be really honest, I don't even know if I knew the difference between the two words. I do now though and I will try to use them correctly from now on. But, if I don't or if you notice other errors in my spelling, please just know that is one of my biggest faults and if it really bothers you, kindly bring it to my attention. And remember: English teacher does not equal perfect speller.

Now the omission. I had forgotten when I finished up that last post that we had one other odd thing happen on our drive in Ontario. We were going along the 401 very nicely and then we started seeing these signs saying the 401 was going to be closed up a head. And soon we came a complete stand still, and it took and hour to move 2 km. They really did shut down the 401 going east, so three lanes had to merge to one and get off at this exit and then decide which way to go. Detour signs seemed to be missing, so we were blindly driving around for a while. We went through some interesting little towns, and eventually found our way back to the 401. It was an adventure, one that I probably would have enjoyed a little more if it hadn't been dark out and if all of the possibilities for a bathroom in those small towns had been closed. We don't really know why they totally shut down the 401, but we hope that it was for a really good reason.


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