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Right In Front of My Nose

I have had contacts since grade 8. I am quite blind without them, as my husband can tell you. I have always had gas permeable contacts. While they are more expensive from the get go, they can last a long time and the slow down the changes in your eye. I have had my current pair for over a year and a half.

The only thing that can be bad about these contacts is that you can lose them. Since they are pretty small and hard, they can bounce and fall into very small places. And since they are a bit expensive, you really don't want to replace them any more often then you need too.

Last night, after I put Joash down for bed, I went to the bathroom to take out my contacts. I closed the drain on the sink (you don't want to lose a contact down the drain) and got everything ready to go. The right eye contact came out no problem. I took the left eye contact out and my hair brushed over my hand and the contact was gone.

I didn't hear it hit anything, so I quickly examined my hair and my sleeve. No luck. I got my glasses and put them on and carefully stepped off of the rug on to the tile floor. I got down on my hands and knees and felt the rug. I stood up again, picked up both rugs in the bathroom and carefully shook them out. I took off my sweater ( a button up style) and shook it out. I brushed my pants off, took off my slippers and shook them out. No contact to be found.

I was getting frustrated, because I knew that in order to get a new contact, I would have to go to an eye doctor here and go through all of that rigmarole, which I really didn't want to do right now. So, as I was gearing up for an intense search of the drawer that was open and my make-up bag, I happened to glance in the mirror.

And there was my contact perched on the side of my nose.

How it managed to stay on through my entire search, I really do not know, but I am certainly glad I found it.


That has to be the best "lost" contact story I have ever heard! I am so happy that you found it.

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